Sunday, October 31, 2010

BJW Chandelier Death Match Fun! 9-30-96

Happy Halloween! Since this is my favorite holiday, I figured I'd review my favorite company in Japan: BJW! Get ready for some horrors of horrors with a unique deathmatch main event!

Since clipping and jipping are the way of Japan, a lot of the scores of the clipped matches appear low. I'm sure they would've garnered a higher score if they'd have been shown in their entirety, but we take what we can get.

Clipped Matches

1. Yosuke Kobayashi VS. Eagle -2
02. Ichiro Yaguchi VS. Gennosuke Kobayashi -1
03. Yuichi Taniguchi VS. Satoru Shiga - 2
04. Seiji Yamakawa VS. Black Warrior - 3
05. Yoshiro Tajiri VS. Dr. Wagner Jr. - 5
06. Kendo Nagasaki / Bruiser Okamoto VS. Ina Rotten / Dances with Dudleys - 1

Eagle had some high offense maneuvers. Started off with some decent chain wrestling, but there was probably less than two minutes of the match shown, so it was hard to rate fairly.

No substance whatsoever. I felt like Gennosuke's selling really left something to be desired and Yaguchi basically took shit the entire match. No thanks.

The highlight of this match was a Randy Orton - Esque DDT from the top rope. Shiga took it hard and it looked pretty good. The rest of the match was unintelligible.

Black Warrior busted out some insane dives... repeatedly. While this match was definitely the spot-fest match, it had some substance because Yamakawa really knew how to each Warrior's offensive moves.

Tajiri is awesome. You knew this. His chain wrestling and light-footedness was amazing. Just a really solid M-Pro style match here that worked really well. I really liked the mat-based offense moving into a more aerial based offense. Wags looked good, as well. He served as a great base for Tajiri to work off of and sold Tajiri's offense well.

This was fucking stupd. The two odious and vile ECW 'humans' looked shitty. I'm a Nagasaki fan, I have to admit, but this was a shitty match that featured a few chair shots and a roll up victory in the amount of time it takes Ian to reach orgasm.

The Main Event

07. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga VS. Shoji Nakamki (No Rope Barbed Wire Chandelier Baseball Bat Deathmatch!) - 4

Not a bad DM. Masty took a sick bump through the strung-together light bulbs, face-first. There was a crowd brawl, but since the lights in the arena were off, I was unable to see what was going on. They teased going into the bulbs a few times, so when Matsunaga went into the bulbs it made it that much more sick. I would've liked to have seen more baseball bat use, but for what it was it was good. Also, I wish the match would've gone more than 12 minutes. Nakami was able to emote his selling well in the match despite the poor lighting, which is commendable.


Brian said...

sounds like a lousy show.. - seek out more Dr. Wagner Jr., though, especially his New Japanr run..

Geo said...

And it really is a shame it sucked. The clipping was just piss.