Thursday, February 15, 2007

WWF Junior Title Tournament 1984

1 Davey Boy Smith v. The Cobra- 5

2 Dyamite Kid v. Davey Boy Smith- 5

3 Dynamite Kid v. The Cobra-6

This was a fun little tape to watch. Dynamite was at his most brutal and showcased it every time out. Davey was a strange mix of dynamics; he was strong, quick and could bump well and Cobra was a great aerialist and tough little hooker. The first match was very creative, but fell short of expectations. I think they wanted more out of it than they could get. Davey and Kid stayed on the mat a lot, but mixed in some stiffness. The finals pulled together science and selling and threw in some cool dives to the floor and some extra snug suplexes for a good mix of wrestling. Very agreeable.

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