Thursday, February 15, 2007

WWF 1984 Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament

1. Davey Boy Smith vs. The Cobra – 4
2. Davey Boy Smith vs. Dynamite Kid – 5
3. The Cobra vs. Dynamite Kid – 6

This was an unusual unmarked DVD that Adam gave me. It features, presumably, the final three matches of aforementioned tournament. The first bout has its ups and downs. There are a few moments of good, fast-paced stuff; like Cobra’s insane dive to the floor, etc. But, Davey looked uncharacteristically lazy a couple times. There were a few sequences that he totally ignored, or just sidestepped entirely, leaving my dumbfounded. It was fascinating watching Cobra, though; his style was unique, an uncanny and almost polished wildness. The finish, a double countout, was pretty lame, even if we got to see Cobra nearly kill Smith with a tombstone piledriver on the floor.

The second match, a battle between longtime partners, was slightly better than its predecessor. The build was marginally slower, but it amped up the intensity level a bit. I was kind of digging where it was going, when suddenly; we were subjected to another rotten countout finish. The last match was definitely the highlight. Cobra was getting nutty like a child at Chuck E. Cheese’s, especially with the awesome cartwheel-back handspring-moonsault from inside the ring to the floor. These guys worked splendidly together, and delivered a fast-paced finale to one of the more forgotten tournaments around.

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Adam said...

I thought the Smith/Dynamite match was interesting just because it's weird watching them compete against each other when they were tagging for so long.