Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WWE No Way Out ‘07

1. MVP and MNM vs. Chris Benoit and The Hardyz – 5
2. Gregory Helms vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Shannon Moore vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Jamie Noble vs. Chavo Guerrero – Guantlet Match – 4
3. Fit Finlay and Little Bastard vs. Boogyman and Little Boogeyman – 2
4. Kane vs. Booker T – 3
5. Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Deuce ‘N Domino – 4
6. Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy – 3
7. John Cena and Shawn Michaels vs. Batista and The Undertaker – 6

The opening six-man tag match was a waste of talent. The pace wasn’t bad, for an opener, but it got awfully sloppy in parts, and didn’t do anyone involved any favors. The cruiserweight gauntlet was filled with largely rushed work, a shame, but completely expected. Helms’ epic run, in terms of length, not quality, finally came to an end, in a match nobody’s likely to remember next year. The next match was as insulting as Vince Russo’s book – a real mess of poorly executed comedy spots. All I wanted was to see Finlay get physical, and really work over Boogeyman; sadly, that never occurred.

Kane versus Booker T’s psychology was about as existent as God, which is to say, completely fallacious. I’m all for clean finishes, but this match’s ending was brutally anticlimactic. Not a lot to say about the tag match, except, Deuce ‘N Domino still need a ton of work. Perhaps, instead of buying breast implants for their valet Cherry, corporate should have used that money to continue the team’s training in developmental territories.

Kennedy working over the leg was old school, and fantastic; but Lashely’s complete disregard of selling it was horrid. Lashley still needs someone talented to carry him – that’s why his only successful program thus far has been with veteran Booker T. Kennedy needs to work on his punches, too; they’re almost as weak as Van Dam’s awful forearm shots. The aftermath featured Lashley delivering some of the laziest and most tame chair shots in wrestling history. The main event was decent, not spectacular, and the ending conjured up some excitement. Michaels’, maybe a decade ago, would have worked wonders in this bout, but wasn’t able to pull off the performance capable of making this a truly memorable main event.

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