Monday, February 5, 2007

Ring of Honor Final Battle 03

1 Bryan Danielson v. Jay Briscoe- 6

2 John Walters v. Xavier-6

3 Matt Stryker v. BJ Whitmer- 5

5 Mark Briscoe v. Samoa Joe-5

5 CM Punk/ Colt Cabana v. Tomaoki Honma/ Kazushi Miyamoto-5

6 AJ Styles v. Kaz Hayashi-6

7 Satoshi Kojima v.Homicide-4

8 Great Muta/ Arashi v. Christopher Daniels/ Dan Maff-4

This was the final show of the year, and ROH decided to co-promote with All Japan. The results were mixed. Danielson and Briscoe started the show off with a hot opener, a match that really set a pace and a stiff deliberate style that should hold up the rest of the event. Walters and Xavier was a crazy match that got a higher rating due to sheer number of insane spots, some of which, including the finish bombed worse than Jack Black hosting the VMA's. Stryker and Whitmer had a slow match that never really got exciting, much like their respective high school social lives. Mark B and Joe went at it for the world title, which wasn't really a high caliber title match, but they had a great dynamic. The next tag match was a joke that had some good spots, but mostly filled with mis communication. AJ and Kaz had the best match of the night as their styles meshed well. I was a little skeptical because I had heard such bad things about the match, but it really worked. Kojima and Homicide didn't have the stuff in their match. It lacked killer instinct and the believability both have shown in the past. And the main event was a dud. Muta showed nothing of the legend he is and Maff wimped out a performance worthy of someone with the last name of Armstrong. Overall the show declined in excitement, largely due to the inclusion and mis matching of All Japan's talent with ROH's.

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