Saturday, February 10, 2007

WWE No Mercy 2006

1 Gregory Helms v. Matt Hardy- 8
This was a phenomenal match, another in their series. All the strikes were stiff, as if both guys were in a life and death fight. I mean, the story is that they both had one win and they were trying to win the rubber match. Also, both guys won their matches with low blows and rollups, which they worked into this match effectively. They hit all their signature moves and had very close near falls. Then, a clean pin, which is always a welcome change. This absolutely kicked ass.

2 Kendrick/ London v. James/ Stevens- 7
Another awesome match that was fast paced, fluent, and great tag wrestling. Both teams exhibited very competent tag work, with innovative double teams that made sense in the match. London took some hellacious bumps and the last few minutes of action was high intensity and the finish worked wonders. It was very exciting to watch.

3 MVP v. Marty Gruner- 1
I give this match a one because of the stiff slap that MVP laid on this guy at the sound of the bell. His spaceman outfit is ludicrous.

4 Undertaker v. Mr. Kennedy- 6
Taker has a habit of working these very psychology based matches with a slow build and a definite direction. To do so with Kennedy is a bigger task. I hate Kennedy’s strikes, which are like a kid flailing his arms, but his basics are wonderful. He broke out the most kick of ass piledriver witnessed on American TV in some years. Taker landed his patented legdrop on the apron, but it had some extra stank on it. Disappointing dq finish, though.

5 Rey Mysterio v. Chavo Guerrero( Falls count Anywhere)- 7
They really used the gimmick up to it’s full standards. The match shortly was contested in the ring before it was taken to the outside. They brawled to the entrance, up through the crowd down the stairs and into the back area. They were both taking unprotected bumps on the outside and Rey hit a crossbody from the top of some stairs for the win. It was wild and stiff.

6 William Regal v. Chris Benoit- 6
God, I missed Benoit! He was a surprised guest on the show and it was very welcomed. He and Regal got stiff the right way; both men were busted open from the mouth. They worked the mat and each other’s various body parts like a surgeon with 25 years of experience. This was a fun match to see.

7 Booker T v. Batista v. Finlay v. Lashley- 6
A pretty good four way, as four ways go. Finlay was beating all 3 other guys for the first little bit, controlling them with rigid ground attacks and holds, but the match turned into a free for all. Batista didn’t look particularly sharp, then again, when does he, even though he did pull out the blade. Just like the rest of the night, every guy in the match was throwing stiff shots and working really hard. A pretty good main event, and I was glad Booker retained.

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