Monday, February 5, 2007

Wrestling Society X - Episode #1

MTV doing a 30-minute pro wrestling show? Bands playing during wrestling shows? A ring announcer that yells like Don West on speed? I have a feeling I’m not going to enjoy this.

1) Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal - 4
Two ROH stalwarts open up this interesting concept and that’s all I’m going to call it for now because that’s pretty much all it is until I see more of it. Anyway, this turns into a three-and-a-half minute spot fest, which for these guys, isn’t a bad thing. Evans wins with a sick twisting splash. Both guys looked good here and this was just a way to showcase their talents.

2) 10-Man WSX Rumble Match - 5
Participants: Justin Credible, Teddy Hart, Kaos, Puma, Vampiro, New Jack, Al Katrazz, Youth Suicide, 6-Pac, and Chris Hamrick
This is a Royal Rumble style match in which participants enter every 45 seconds. Set up at ringside are loads of tables, electrified cage, and electrified wire or some shit that will apparently explode upon impact. To win the match, after all ten men enter, then you have to grab a ladder and climb up and grab one of the contracts that are hanging from the ceiling. This was definitely original, I’ll give it that. Once someone hit the exploding or electrified stuff, the camera would shake and edited in effects would occur. Suicide ends up bumping into some tacks, Jack dives off something very high and Pac and Vampiro win the match.

I definitely liked this a hell of a lot more than I thought I would. The wild matches were a perfect fit for both this type show and MTV. I also think that 30 minutes is perfect for this because if it had lasted an hour, then I probably wouldn’t have a somewhat high opinion on it. I was also afraid that it being MTV, they’d focus more on the music than on the wrestling. However, the band played for only about 90 seconds and then the craziness ensued. I’d say check out at least one episode of this just to see how wild it is. I think it’s only scheduled for ten weeks so you might want to check it out sometime soon.

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