Friday, September 23, 2005

WWE Velocity – 08/27/05

1. Simon Dean vs. Russell Simpson – 6
2. Doug Basham vs. Caprice Coleman – 4
3. Vito vs. Brad Taylor – 2
4. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. William Regal – 5

Dean and Simpson had, arguably, a near-perfect squash match. It was physical, Dean used some innovative stuff, and it came off pleasantly well. Basham and Coleman wasn’t too bad; in fact, if it wasn’t for Coleman’s inexperience (which revealed itself in a couple botches) they looked good relatively good in there together. Vito squashed Taylor, there wasn’t anything of substance here; the finish, however, Vito’s DDT variation, came off well. Scotty and Regal was the main event, they got a decent amount of time, and put on a nice little match for the most part. Regal stole the show, he delivered tons of knees that just looked brutal; the finish was marred by interference, though, prohibiting what could have been a good little match.


Jessie said...

wow, a Simon Dean squash got a 6..i loved the gimmick, but man, he must have been working over time here....tell me you remember this match... could Russell Simpson save the WWE?

Brian said...

in fact I do remember that match.. and most of that epiosde.. - Simon Dean had some of the most fun squashes in the WWE of the last decade.. he'd always be a brutal prick and really torment guys and he was such a pasty, bloated fuck that it made for great heeling.. - recall Regal really laying shit in and banging up Scotty pretty rough..