Saturday, July 23, 2005

ECW Cyberslam ’99 – April 3, 1999 – Philadelphia, PA - DVD

1 – Jerry Lynn vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri
This match was pretty good. Giving the quality of the two athletes involved it wasn’t exactly special. For the most part they seemed like they were going through the paces. I tend to dislike Lynn’s dives to the floor; they just aren’t quite accurate. Some of it just looked lazy, i.e. Tajiri simply placing Lynn on the top turnbuckle to execute a move, etc. Not a bad match, but I’d have loved to see more.

2 – Super Nova vs. Rod Price
This was mentioned on the package as a tag team match featuring two individuals we’ll be talking about a little later. Sloppy nonsensical wrestling. Skull Von Crush got involved, then Chris Chetti did too. That led to some real nice confusion in a match that was already shaping up to be a mess. Super Nova hit one of the worst suicide dives in noted history near the end of the match.

3 – Mosco de la Merced vs. Super Crazy
This match started off fine, but got real nonsensical. Pretty sloppy at points. A lot of fanboy nonsense, like doing outrageous moonsaults into the crowd for no apparent reason other than the adulation of the rowdy audience of morons. To make a long story short, if they were doing this match in Mexico it would have went down a lot different. Picked up a bit at the end. There was a sweet spot where Crazy did an innovative block on a Merced moonsault. Crazy also hit a pretty nice powerbomb. Crazy executed a horrible frog splash for the finish. I’ve seen much better frog splashes in backyard wrestling videos.

4 – TAKA Michinoku vs. Papi Chulo
This match was pretty solid overall. The pacing seemed kind of weird, like both guys were impatient or trying to get it over quickly. Nothing really positive or negative to write about. Pretty average, which is a lot more than I can say about for the first three matches thus far.

5 – Rob Van Dam vs. Too Cold Scorpio
This was a really bad match. I’m not surprised a lot when I watch professional wrestling. But, I really couldn’t believe that this match sucked so hard. I’m a pretty big Too Cold fan, too. I don’t know what the hell happened. Lots of misses and miscommunications. A lot of stuff just looked ugly. Sabu’s interference put the final nail in the coffin. I did think it was pretty funny when Scorpio pie faced Bill Alfonso after the match though.

6 – Chris Candido vs. Taz – Falls Count Anywhere Match
I was extremely disappointed. At this point in the show I was already disgusted, and was hoping these two would step up and bring the wrestling. Instead they had one of the most unorganized and uncoordinated brawls I’ve seen in awhile. There was a stiff bump or two, but most of it was lame ass filler. They did a stupid stretcher job finish, instead of giving us a real winner. Thanks a lot, Heyman.

7 – Shane Douglas vs. Justin Credible
This match was pretty solid for what it was. There were a couple lame table bumps that were entirely unnecessary. They didn’t fit into the match at all, and weren’t even good bumps for that matter. There was interference too, which always stinks. More of the same from the E.C.W. faithful. Without the crappy garbage spots and annoying interference, this match wasn’t so bad. If they would have dropped those aforementioned elements and worked a little harder they probably could have pulled out a pretty good match.

8 – Dudley Boyz and Mr. Mustafa vs. New Jack, Axl Rotten, and Balls Mahoney – War Games Cage Match
This was absolute garbage, pure and simple. Did anyone even really try? Nothing looked good here. I haven’t had this much trouble watching a match for some time. Blood, thumbtacks, tables, scissors, and more. It doesn’t get much worse than this. Nobody took the time to consider selling moves or productively working to sell a story whatsoever. To close off the match and show, New Jack leaped from the top of the cage putting Mustafa through a table in a spot that made me wince due to it’s ugliness. How does anyone really actually appreciate this? I’m just thankful it’s over.


Jessie said...

ah, yes, i recall this show, so much horrible stuff...that scorpio-rvd match was shockingly bad

Brian said...

ah, yes, i recall this show, so much horrible stuff

yea.. i don't think i could have got through this without you there way back then.. i would have went nuts like Cusack in 1408..

Jessie said...

i'd think i'd rather be trapped in a haunted hotel than re-watch this show...even if they didn't have clean towels