Saturday, July 23, 2005

WWE Raw – September 16, 2001

1 – Ric Flair vs. Rico –
The match was pretty short, but the beginning wasn’t bad. Then, out of nowhere Rico hit Flair with the absolute ugliest roundhouse kick I’ve ever seen thrown and pinned him. An absolute travesty!

2 – Booker T vs. Test –
And I thought Rico’s kick was bad, here Test had the hugest botch of 2002 by attempting to execute a sidewalk slam on Booker. He didn’t even get a hold of him, and then dropped him on the mat while he fell awkwardly. Booker hit a nice missile dropkick, especially for a man of his size. Booker countered a Test powerbomb with a hideous hurricanrana. Booker’s rollup at the end was even sloppy. Bad match.

3 – Lance Storm and Christian vs. Spike Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley –
Spike Dudley does the awesome Bret Hart sternum sell when he’s whipped in the turnbuckles. Storm and Christian are in classic heel mood; distracting the ref, etc. Spike’s diving headbutt was horrible. The majority of the match was decent, though, and had some of the better flowing wrestling of the night.

4 – Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho –
Jericho hit an ugly flying forearm. This was the second week in a row I caught Jericho talking during one of Van Dam’s forearm frenzies, then I caught him again moments after that. Interference altered the finish of this match. Not very spectacular at all.

5 – Kane vs. William Regal –
It took Regal three attempts to clothesline Kane over the top rope in a ridiculous spot. As Kane was getting back in the ring, Regal threw a knee from a few inches away and totally missed. Regal looks like a northeastern indy worker by wrestling in a t-shirt. Myself, and I imagine the rest of the viewing public caught Kane calling out for a “backdrop” as you heard him say it plain as day. Kane’s top turnbuckle clothesline looked like shit. What a laugh. Interference ends this awful match.

6 – Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H –
Jeff’s infamous clothesline off the barricade outside the ring looked absolutely outlandish and absurd. Triple H had to practically jump in the way of the move for it to make impact. Jeff did the laziest springboard moonsault not long after, which looked like crap. Triple H whipped Hardy in the weakest ringsteps bump ever. Hardy executed one of the most terrible moonsaults I’ve ever seen. Overall, Jeff just looked horrible out there. A total dud.

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Jessie said...

sounds like a quite shitty ep of Raw...probably could fill in the scores ourselves- don't see anything over a 3 here