Saturday, July 23, 2005

WWE Velocity – September 14, 2002

1 – Reverend D-Von vs. Shannon Moore
Shannon gets a little ahead of himself at times. Their styles mixed like milk and gasoline. There was one spot where something was supposed to happen, but neither guy took the initiative and they simply walked right by each other like two strangers passing on the street. Moore’s rolling senton looked like a grandmother falling down a flight of stairs. All of this being said, the match itself wasn’t horrible or anything, just nothing to brag about.

2 – Billy Kidman vs. Randy Orton –
They started it off with a pretty good wrestling sequence. A few near fall scenarios, which I wish we’d see better utilized more often. Kidman’s mid-air reversal of a powerbomb into a faceplant looked really good. Kidman’s missile dropkick was one of the only bad moves in this match. I enjoyed it.

3 – Albert vs. Funaki –
Besides a lame comedy spot and Albert missing a punch (albeit being a few inches away from his opponent) this match wasn’t bad. Then again, it was pretty short. I guess it was okay for what it was.

4 – The Hurricane and Crash Holly vs. Tajiri and Jamie Noble
Tajiri and Noble hit simultaneous dropkicks to the fallen Holly’s head in a cool spot. This match really flowed well, and the guys appeared to have real good chemistry together. Hurricane came in after a hot tag and his offensive fury was pretty good stuff. Crash stole AJ Styles’ finishing maneuver. Entertaining match and one I’d definitely like to see again but with a longer running time.

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