Friday, September 30, 2005

Wrestling Gold: Vol. 2

This is a DVD Series my friend Brian purchased, featuring insider commentary by Dave Meltzer and Jim Cornette, which becomes annoying because they truly are the 2 biggest wrestling fanboys in the world and they argue incessantly about when Shiek was his most popular or what tights Angelo Poffo wore in 1971. I'm not going into detail on all these matches, just the worthwhile ones.

1 Rock n' Roll Express v. Randy Savage/ Lanny Poffo- I still say "The Genius" is one of the all time best gimmicks and would still get over today, Pofffo sells like a wounded old woman, there is a brutal table bump by Morton that was really famous, needed more time- 5

2 Nick Bockwinkel v. Manny Fernandez- Bockwinkel leads Manny through this and was a good seller, Manny bled well, and they have a false finish, good match- 5

3 Sheik v. Mark Lewin- neither man has anything resembling a physique, not a single wrestling move was executed in this, Lewin over acts more than Catherine Zeta- Jones, pencil shot after pencil shot, huge fireball ended this- 3

4 David & Kerry Von Erich v. Yates/ Killer Karl- Kerry kept all his work on the mat, amateur style, Yates and Kerry aren't communicating whatsoever, Yates has no skills, period, Von Erich's were very hungry, but completely unpolished, Yates is one of the worst wrestlers I have ever seen!- 1

5 Fabulous One's v. PYT's- good back and forth action, stiff table shot, Koko botched something, Keirn was pretty decent in his youth, horrible finish- 5

6 Road Warriors v. Jerry Lawler/ Austin Idol- Warriors are greener than cholorphyll, but stiff, they do sell for Lawler, the crowd was bananas, if you don't learn anything else from Memphis, you certainly learned how to punch- crazy finish into a wild brawl- 4

7 Randy Savage v. Jerry Lawler- Steel Cage- a chicken wire cage looks cheap as all fuck, Savage is killing himself for Lawler, Lawler sells like a broken mailbox, they both bled buckets, interference from random baddies brings down a pretty good match- 6

8 Samoans v. Ted Dibiase/ Bob Roop- Dibiase looked good, the Samoans have the same offense as every other Samoan team in the history of wrestling- 5
9 Bruno Sammartino/ Bruiser v. Ernie Ladd/ Baron Von Rashcke- now, these are some old legendary fucks, Bruiser is stiff, Ladd is stiff, Sammartino is stiff, and well, you get the point, they loved Bruno!, Ladd took a backdrop and he's at least 6'9, the heels are good bumpers, fun to see these guys work- 6
10 Tully Blanchard v. Manny Fernandez- work holds pretty good, Manny bled again, not much here- 4

11 Rick Rude v. Jerry Lawler- Rude was pretty stiff, always was, you can see he was going to be big in this, very short- 3

12 Crusher/ Bruiser/ Little Bruiser v. Blackjacks/ Bobby Heenan- comedy galore, Heenan was running around the ring like the Road Runner on speed, he took some big bumps and bled- 3

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