Friday, September 30, 2005

TNA Sacrifice – 08/14/05

1. Sonny Siaki and Apollo vs. Mikey Batts and Jarrel Clark – 5
2. Simon Diamond, David Young, and Elix Skipper vs. Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, and Chris Sabin – 6
3. Alex Shelley vs. Shocker – 7
4. Lance Hoyt vs. Abyss – 4
5. Kip James and Monty Brown vs. Konnan and The Truth – 3
6. Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries – 6
7. Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn – 8
8. Team Canada vs. A.M.W. and The Naturals – 5
9. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe – 8
10. Rhino and Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven and Sabu – 5

This was on of the better T.N.A. pay-per-views to date. The first two matches were small glimpses of largely talented guys. Shelley and Shocker work so well together. Hoyt and Abyss was your typical big man match-up, and the tag team fiasco afterwards was abysmal. Daniels and Ring of Honor mainstay Aries brought the wrestling back to the forefront. Jerry Lynn versus Waltman? Wow! These guys were wrestling each other 10+ years ago in Texas, and still, a decade later they busted out an absolutely fantastic match. Lynn hit a suplex from the apron, pulling Waltman from inside the ring all the way to a brutal landing on the floor. The eight-man tag match was decent, with a few nice bumps highlighting it. Styles and Samoa Joe wrestled an intense and physical match that was great to watch. The main event was such a clash of styles and wrestling backgrounds; Jarrett bled, Sabu blew spots, and Rhino just blew.

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Jessie said...

funny...your description of the main still holds true for all those guys..