Sunday, September 25, 2005

WWF Survivor Series 1992

1) The Headshrinkers vs. High Energy - 4
High Energy consisted of Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware. Headshrinkers consisted of Samu and Fatu. This was the Headshrinkers pay-per-view debut and they would eventually go on to become Tag Team champs in the summer of 1994. High Energy would go on for two more months. Pretty solid in ring action and a good way to kick off the show.

Mean …. Whooo! By God! … Gene is with the Big Boss Man who sees that Nailz is in the ring during his promo. He hauls ass to the ring and we get …

2) Nightstick Match: The Big Boss Man vs. Nailz - 3
Thankfully Boss Man went over but he would be out of the WWF four months later. Nailz was gone four days later and no one seemed to care.

The footage of Mr. Perfect completing his face turn by pouring a pitcher of water over Bobby Heenan is shown.

3) Tatanka vs. “The Model” Rick Martel - 5
Doink debuts on pay-per-view during the match and makes balloons for the kiddies. Tatanka wins and Doink breaks the balloons.
Definitley left me wanting more. They really didn’t focus on the match all that much and when they did, it seemed like the wrestlers were primarily using rest holds. For the record, the WrestleMania 8 match between these two was way better in terms of ring action.

4) Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair & Razor Ramon - 6
Perfect was a replacement for Ultimate Warrior who walked out on the WWF ten days before the show. Luckily for us, the match is much better with Perfect involved because this would lead into a heated Flair/Perfect feud which on eventually culminate in a Loser Leaves Town Match on Monday Night Raw. This is Razor’s pay-per-view debut after coming off a run in WCW as The Diamond Studd. Savage didn’t have much left in his WWF run at this point and would soon be relegated to announcing, something he wasn’t too awful at but wasn’t great at by any stretch of the imagination. Ref bump leads to a DQ finish. Had Flair not been involved in this, this match would’ve sucked severely. I call it a transition match for Flair because it ended his feud with Savage and began his feud with Perfect. Razor was just starting to get heat as a heel. Would’ve been better if it wasn’t for the finish.

5) Yokozuna vs. Virgil - 2
This is Yoko’s pay-per-view debut and squashes Virgil to put over his size. Virgil was really nothing more than a glorified jobber at this point anyway. I though Virgil was decent in the ring but I'll be damned if his music wasn't flat out awesome! Yoko flattens Virgil and embarks on his reign of terror in the WWF.

6) Tag Team Elimination Match: The Nasty Boys & The Natural Disasters vs. The Beverly Brothers & Money Inc. - 3
Very forgettable and ran seriously long. Move along, not much to see here.

7) Coffin Match: The Undertaker vs. Kamala - 1
Yes, the first casket match was billed as a coffin match and involved pinfalls. Kamala is scared shitless by the casket and anyone watching this match should be scared shitless because it’s a Kamala match. Bad Kamala matches have been known to cause nightmares for those foolish enough to watch them.

8) Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - 8
Who’da thunk it? Just one year prior, Bret was the IC champ and Shawn was still part of The Rockers with Jannetty. My how times change. This was the first meeting on pay-per-view between these two and it would showcase just a tad of what they were capable of. Shawn was just starting to find his niche and a singles wrestler and Bret had just recently won the WWF Title from Ric Flair at a house show in Saskatoon. They put on a clinic and prove that the days Hulk Hogan and his cronies were long gone. The only downer to this match is that they seemed to use a lot of rest holds but hey, I’m not gonna complain, it’s Hart vs. Michaels and nowadays, you just can’t get much better than that. A stellar match and by far the best match of the show.

This was not a terrible show and is recommended only for Hart/Michaels. The rest of the card is watchable. But overall, this was a transition show, the “Hogan era” was starting to be phased out and “new generation” of stars such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna, The Undertaker, and Tatanka was being phased in. Recommended.


Jessie said...

i love that water angle with you're the person always downloading Virgil's theme on Limewire when i try!...Hey, what's wrong with rest holds?... you've just been subjected to too many JBL matches to not appreciate them anymore. good review

Jessie said...

i like the comment about ushering out the "Hogan era"....that match certainly captured the feeling