Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CM Punk vs. Kane

CM Punk vs. Kane - ECW on SyFy 6/3/08 - 4

Punk was in a four-way earlier in the same show. Probably of all the former WWE champions these are the two with the most tepid offense. Kane did like a reverse neckhang spot that looked kind of cool and barbaric. Big boot landed square in the face knocking Punk through the ropes to the floor -- he'll probably think his nightly Pepsi tastes like a Crystal Clear after eating that shot. Kane's dropkick to a seated opponent is about a 4.7 on the Konnan scale. Body-scissors hold actually looks visually painful due to Kane's size and not a resthold. I miss this chunkier Punk. Easily to buy him hanging with the big guys than today with his Teen Wolf sideburns and zip-up hoodies borrowed from his nephew's closet. Okay, maybe I was rough on Kane, he's got better looking offense than other champs Foley, RVD, Sid, and Swagger, but he's still behind Lashley, no dice for CM as I saw better kicks in kids karate class at the YMCA in '90 than Punk's. Punk slides out of a chokeslam, tries the G2S but plays up being too banged up, then Kane retained the ECW title with a chokeslam. Better than I expected but as ECW world title reigns go Kane's was no Ezekiel Jackson's.

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