Monday, December 9, 2013

Marella & Carlito vs. Holly & Rhodes

Santino Marella and Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes - WWE Raw 6/2/08 - 1

"Rowdy" Piper, shirtless, yet wearing an open leather jacket, besides the fashion faux pas is also out to be guest timekeeper (or "timekeener" Rhodes says like a marble-mouthed buffoon). Santino's judo throw looked better than as now its a comedy spot he does at quarter-speed. Carlito does some decent staggering sells off of some quasi-stiff Rhodes forearms. Marella's still got cheap gear here -- looks like his name is in Times New Roman on the back. Carlito's "big boot" to reverse Holly's spinebuster on Marella looked like shit. Looked like someone at 5AM trying to knock ice off the car and nearly slipping.

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