Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dr. Jess' Double Dose: WWE NXT 09/27/11/ Lucha Libre USA 10/01/11

WWE NXT 09/27/11

1) Yoshi Tatsu v. Jinder Mahal- 3
2) Tyson Kidd v. Percy Watson- 4
3) The Usos v. JTG/ Darren Young- 5

Yoshi's got a new look; the face paint is rad, sort of like a samurai shogun looking thing but the shoe strings around the arms are strange. Liked the charge into the corner smashing Yoshi into it like it's a Mary McClanahan skit on SNL. There was nothing really dynamic about this though, very by the numbers. Kidd's accuracy is just shy of Clint Barton's and that's a compliment. Love the emphasis he puts on every single move he executes. Wait a tic, that's Percy? The guy from the 1st season with the terrible glasses, he looks beefed up and not for the better. Kidd was leading this like your tipsy date at a wedding. This tag main event proved better than I thought. The Usos are a good team, let's be honest. They have the timing down on offense and defense and helps push matches like this into recommendable status. JTG just never got better; same offense from his 2006 run and isn't selling much at all. Give Young credit; if any of the strange Cena face he has gives him selling ability it's happening here; the way he puts over the finishing stretch supercedes any of his Nexus work. Usos need more TV time pronto.

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors 10/1/11

1) El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs. Rellik & Sydistiko- 4
2) Mini Park vs. Rosetta Park - Minis Lumberjack match - 2
3) Lizmark, Jr. vs. Marco Corleone vs. R.J. Brewer vs. Charly Malice - 5 LLUSA championship match

so LLUSA is back and we got a big match for our main event. Opening tag match was quite interesting; we saw some crazy sprints of tag team double team action that I really dug. But one thing I noticed about this; there were no covers whatsoever. Which is the crux of winning the match, getting paid, etc. Tinieblas works stiff but moves like the Tin Man pre-oil. Next up something bred from the mind of some Russo-ite. Parka and his ex-wife fighting over child support; question is the wrestling announcers (who kind of suck) know those kids aren't legally his, how come the judge doesn't? Rosetta's pals show Park no mercy with those straps but the in ring work is pretty shoddy, this is the Houston Astros of this show.

Main Event had no shortage of characters involved and the build up was great. Corleone's left hook and Kid Icarus like wings on his wrists both make him fun to watch; also love that sideways plancha he's known for. Every finish was some sort of gimmicky end, no clean moves to eliminate anyone showed no faith in these guys' performances. Lizmark looked the worst I thought, not even playing up his supposed hate for Corleone. Sydistico played a good second and even in his match sold eagerly. Looking forward to see where this fed ends up in a few weeks; hopefully not on the canceled shelf.


Brian said...

Sydistico is none other than TJP
i read somewhere they filmed a ton of episodes for this season so hopefully it'll get a few month run

Anonymous said...

Percy Watson was on the second season.

Brian said...

how did you fail to mention that Tatanka cameo during the poker game? i enjoyed this season premiere quite a lot

Jessie said... TJP....with that floppy hair i thought for a second it could be him....i know....meant to mention Chavis....why was he there again?