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Geo Farewell Double-Shot: CZW ToD X & AAA Rey de Reyes '11

(Geo recently announced his "retirement" from this blog as he embarks on a personal "journey". Here's two of his unfinished drafts. Good luck in your future endeavors, bud!)

CZW Tournament of Death X

Ten years in the making! I've avoided all spoilers and can't wait to see it unfold!

Masada vs. Dysfunction - 4
Matt Tremont vs. Necro Butcher - 7

The opener pitted the badass gaijin against poor Dysfunction, who never seems to have things go his way. MASADA started the match by beating the shit out of Dys, who really won me over with his vocal sells after taking a cheese grater and an acoustic guitar headstock to the forehead. MASADA brought out that sadistic side of himself that he's so well known for on the deathmatch scene by busting out the infamous skewers. Here's the swerve: he didn't stab them in Dysfunction's head alone, but also in his hand and forearm garnering gasps from both the live fans and this fan. So sick. All the while, Dys kept screaming his lungs out. I liked the opener, even though I wish it would've gone longer.

Dude this match was off the chain! Check this out: Dremont comes out of the wood-work from Carnage Cup and takes the deathmatch world by storm. Not only that, he's facing Necro! The king of American Deathmatch~! This kid is intense. He's a no-shit taker from Atlantic City looking to make a name for himself. I absolutely loved the punch trading in the center of the ring. At one point, Dremont got fed up and stood Necro up and started pummeling the shit out of his face, but Necro was sure to return some of those shots to Dremont's mush. Necro grabbed a legitimate beer bottle from one of the fans and bashed it across Dremont's head. I personally thought it was sicker than the bottle shot Sabu took in ECW. CLUNK! So much brutality in one match. Loved the two nearfalls as well as Necro's performance at getting the kid over. Great match.

Danny Havoc vs. Jaki Numazawa - 6
Masashi Takeda vs. Scotty Vortekz - 5

This was rather sick. Numazawa knows his way around the tubes, but Havoc is quite adept at fluorescent fixtures as well. Numazawa hit Havoc right in the stomach while Havoc was in mid-moonsault with a bundle of tubes that exploded in every direction. Havoc got back at Numazawa as the match progressed, hitting a Skull-Crushing Finale-esque manuever with the tubes located behind Num's neck!!~ We got some angle development that featured a large black man slamming Havoc into a pile of Christmas bulbs on the outside. Havoc took a powerbomb into a sadistic Abe Lincoln-like structure of tubes for an excellent, excellent nearfall. Really fun stuff. The two worked very well together.

Are you kidding me, bro? My fave BJW guy~! Hell yeah! A thumbtack kick-pad match against Vortekz to boot! Takeda went head first into a barbwire board and sold it great by grimacing and sticking his tongue out. Haha! Takeda took some kicks to the back, getting tacks stuck in his back from the pads. Then, he got the bright idea to pin Vortekz in the corner with a 'wire board...with the wire facing himself. He ran shoulder first into the wire. Nice. Scotty probably made him feel even more like shit after that embarrassment after dropping the double knees with tacks onto Takeda's stomach. Scotty took a sickening German onto a 'wire board propped with two chairs that Vortekz took on his neck. DAAAMN! Takeda went over with a German onto a board. Good match.

MASADA vs. Matt Tremont - 6
Jaki Numazawa vs. Masashi Takeda - 4

After watching this match, I think it's safe to say I'll never look at your run-of-the-mill shopping cart again. Tremont took some sick hits with it to the face, midsection, and back. MASADA didn't hold back at all throughout the match. It was obvious he wanted to give this deathmatch blue chipper a run for his money. Tremont was basically a whipping post in this match, as he was treated worse than a red-headed, freckled child in third grade. He was also the recipient of some lovely kenzans to the skull, which stuck in about as far as MASADA goes when he hits up the special massage parlors in Kobe. Topped off by Tremont taking a chair-assisted STF, what we saw unfold was nothing short of sick, but kudos to this kid for not only sticking it to MASADA, but also taking such offense from the mad gaijin.

I found myself laughing hysterically at how this match started, pitting Numazawa and Takeda hitting each other with light tubes like it was another day at the office. This match had BJW written all over and the two guys clearly worked a well known formula, being careful not to sway too far from the... ahem... beaten path. A typical deathmatch in every sense of the word, but not bad.

Joker & Sabian vs. Little Mondo & Devin Moore - 5

Moore got cut open early on and had the crimson tides flowing into his ocular cavities. Decent brawling element to start off the festivities, with Sabian pointing his obsidian phallus in the general vicinity of white females in the audience whilst gyrating his hips in a coital fashion. Moving on, the action was actually pretty stiff and fast-paced in this match like there was a personal score to settle. Little Mondo is quite small, so most offense he takes looks even more stiff than it may have been, which makes for a good illusion to the audience. Moore took a giant swing which fed into a chair shot to the SIDE of the head, which had to have been a bitch. Mondo got water spat on his face from the two hooligans. Something tells me that Sabian is used to... well, never mind. We got "boring" chants when this happened. The action moved out to the ring truck where a magical table appeared. Mondo went for a senton off of the truck but met the wood only instead of the mean little black man who feigned exhaustion while laying prone on said table. Was tits. Overall, a fun back and forth that saw some cool spots and some nice stiffness.

AAA Rey de Reyes 2011

Alright, so as most of you know, I'm not exactly seasoned when it comes to lucha libre. Being a huge prowres fan since 2000 (when I stumbled upon an All Japan 1996 tape in my friend's bookshelf), I often find myself a bit let-down when watching lucha. Recently, though, my respect for it and what it represents has risen, and the athleticism and enthusiasm from the fans is quite the spectacle. I am writing this now before viewing this event, so keep that in mind if this show happens to suck in my eyes. Welcome to a personal journey.


Me gusta Pimpinela mucho. (S)he is so damn entertaining and technically sound in the ring that it's bordering on ridiculous. I actually was looking that this match with different eyes, thinking to myself: "What are they going out there to do?" The answer seemed quite simple as is the case with all openers: to set the mood for the rest of the night and to go out there and start the show hot. El Apache is a pissed off native with a do-rag. He's up there in age, but his drop kick is nice. Mary Apache fucked up a powerbomb on Pimp, who probably whispered to her "bien hecho, puta." El Apache had this really cool little moment (I honestly don't know why this stuck with me) where he evaded Mini Histeria's dropkick and belted Yuriko with a right hand. It was really cool looking and subtle, but it was slick, man. I dug the mini work here. Octogoncito and Mini Histeria look like they'd work extremely well together. Props to Apach for bumping and being rather sweet. I had fun! Also, fuck yeah ref dropkick.


There's two ways of looking at this match (well, three): It sucked or it was good. I'm going to say it was in between the two. Yeah, it was pretty damn sloppy and had legal-man issues out the ass, but I'm coming to accept them as long as they don't make me say aloud, "Alright, come the hell on now." I came kind of close to saying it here. I'll tell you what saved the match, though: La Parka and how much he was getting the shit kicked out of him. Two members of the rudo team went for the mask and began ripping it from Parka's skull. I love that moment in time where you can see the look of shock on a masked wrestler's face as they realized their hood is being pulled off. Biting and kicking ensued on the exposed area of Parka's face as the blood began to trickle. Those kicks to the face looked pretty stiff if you ask me. All of the negativity aside, the breakdown after Parka's come back was really fun. I liked the way he had taken enough shit and wasn't going to take any more. Forgive me, but I don't know the name of the young lad in the singlet. He looks like a Mexican Colt Cabana minus 30 pounds. Maybe someone can answer in the comments. Anyway, I was digging this kid. His simple breakup of a pin with a stark kick to the back of the head was simple, but effective as he glared at the audience after doing so. Also really dug his assisted top rope DDT. Oh, not to mention that SICK Flux Capacitor (of Kazarian and Sin Cara fame) onto the floor~!~!The dive sequence was great too! The fin sucked, but I did like what I saw as the match had it's positives for sure. Torn between a five and a six, I would have to say five because of the legal man issues and bad fin.


This was crazy. Barbwire boards, thumbtacks, and insanity surrounded this particular tag. Hallowen got some new face decorations after taking a curb stomp into a pile of tacks. Once the dust settled a bit we started with Wagner and Aguayo. Aguayo had been busted open already. Blood really added a cool element to this match as it was hardcore. Aguayo being busted open so early was a bit symbolic. One of the clowns took a bump onto two stacked tables... one of which was on fire! I don't think the bump could've gone any better as the clown barely made contact with the flames, but the bump still ended up looking cool. We went back to Wagner vs. Aguayo, which really seems to get the fans riled up (for good reason, too, they have great chemistry). The fin came too quickly, but the overall flow of the match wasn't interrupted by it. It was decent.

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