Friday, October 7, 2011

Impact Wrestling 10/6/11

First thing I have to say is that these road shows make the product look SO much more big league and professional. The other thing about these road tapings is that the crowd is actually into the show, instead of sitting there in a zombie-ish state like most of the Orlando fans. The more they tape out of Orlando, the better I think. Enough ranting, let’s fight!

1. Gunner vs. Kazarian – 4
2. Mickie James & Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne & Winter – 3
3. Samoa Joe vs. Crimson – 3
4. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode – 5

Only four bouts on tonight’s card so let’s jump right in. Kazarian sporting black and yellow tights here. I dig them but does anyone else see them and harken back to Chris Sabin’s old black and yellow alien trunks circa ’06? Maybe I’m the only one I guess. Gunner’s mainly focused on Kaz’s arm. Nice way to really work on that elbow by dropping in over the turnbuckle and the ending armbar was nice too. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Angelina Love is quite possibly one of the most unattractive people on the planet? Anyway, tag action here with the four ladies involved in the four-way title match at Bound for Glory. Felt like the standard TV knockouts match. Velvet threw the best punch of the whole match when she nearly KO’ed Angelina off the ring apron.

I can’t get behind the whole Crimson undefeated streak push. Guy just comes off as a sorta bland to me. Those knees he was throwing when he had Joe in a cravat? Seriously dude, those wouldn’t harm a five year old. Looked to me like the old Joe was back. He laid a nasty enziguri and worked over Crimson’s ankle with no remorse. Roll-up at the end was a nice surprise finish, but really, we all know Crimson isn’t going to lose his first match on a random TV episode. The ring intros really gave the main a big fight feel, a feel that I felt that it lost as the match progressed. The story of the long time tag partners facing each other in singles for the first time really worked well. The ref bump and the Kurt Angle interference was not needed at all. Loved the nearfalls as it’s not often on TV that I really get psyched for a match of this sort. Good tease of Storm possible tapping in a Crippler Crossface of all things. Pretty good match, not a recommendable match by any means, but still good nonetheless.


Brian said...

i thought wrestling mattered again? not really tonight.. - would have preferred them hold off on Gunner beating Kaz until the PPV.. - hope Gunner makes it on that show.. - think you're alone on the Angelina hate.. she looks like 95lbs. of a good time to me.. - wonder what i'll get next week when it's my turn at bat..

Jessie said...

agreed on the road shows....i'm not a huge fan of blondes....but for some reason Vel-Vel seems like trashy night i'd like to have....