Saturday, October 8, 2011

Urban Wrestling Federation "Hood Justice" PPV

I’ve heard a bit about this Urban Wrestling Federation so I deceided to check it out for myself. Apparently the jist of this fed is that there are rappers and street thugs from all over the country with their own crews trying to get “that paper” as it was referred to multiple times throughout the program.

1. Ricky Reyes vs. Slyck Wagner Brown - 4
Where in the hell has Brown been the past couple years. Dude looks more massive than I’ve ever seen him. Didn’t take long for this to get crazy. Big brawl on the outside with the beefy bodyguards or managers or security or whoever the hell they were. The announcers say “when you got someone down in the UWF, put a gun to his temple and blow his brains out.” Match was mostly a brawl on the outside. Didn’t see Brown selling a damn thing, even after giving up in the crossface, he just got up and walked away.

2. Willie Mack vs. Famous B vs. Jeez vs. Bandido Jr. vs. Scorpio Sky - 4
In order to turn this into a five man match, some dude paid some other dude a whole lotta Benjamins to get his man another spot. The way this started, wasn’t sure if it was a four way or a tag match since it was never really specified. Bandido almost killed Jeez (aka Sabian) with a huge knee. There was some kinda huge spike DDT spot with Famous B and Sabian I believe. Saw some Willie Mack in PWG and liked what I saw, even if he still needs a bit of seasoning. Somehow, the middle rope broke during the match. Standard highspot dive sequence in the middle with Famous B getting some huge air. Felt like an Impact X-Division car crash match.

3. Rasche Brown vs. Beast Ortiz - 4
This started with Rashce Brown storming to the ring to defend the honor of his “broad”, who he claimed that Ortiz had insulted, or fucked, or something. This was billed as a “Street King Title Qualifying Match”. Match was basically them wailing on each other from the get-go. I dug the battle on the top rope and the tease that Ortiz was going to bust out a huge suplex to the floor. Rasche hit a spear that was sold by Ortiz like death and defended the honor of his “broad”.

In between matches we got random segments which, to me, made very little sense. One guy with long dreads during a backstage meeting with his crew asked Eddie Kingston “how do you lose to a fucking midget, man?” Homicide was at the Brooklyn Bridge talking about how he has numerous houses and “ain’t no one gonna take dat money!” There was this fella named Uncle Murda who was visited by two dudes from Chicago named LEP Bogus Boyz, Monie and Count. Later, this same Murda guy talked to another guy about how he was going to kill people if they came up short on his cash. More hilarity ensued when Jeez was told by a random dude with a chick hanging off of him “your fucking up my pussy”. You know, I’m not even going to try to explain what’s going on here. I suggest you watch this for yourself. At an hour long, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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