Monday, October 3, 2011

AAA TV 05/09/10

1) Jennifer Blade/ Rain v. Fabi & Mari Apache- 4
2) Dr. Wagner jr v. Sabu- 3
3) Cibernetico/ Mesias/ Heavy Metal v. Chessman/ Hernandez/ Zorro- 2

So i've come to the conclusion I dig the AAA women. The Apaches pull off a double ax kick that looks like it could be a new Mortal Kombat fatality. I wonder if these women feel as disrespected as their American counterparts? They certainly got more time in the ring. Blade is visibly selling as she should be and has a great Yakuza kick. They tried an ROH finish that looked lazier than the writers of "The Switch" but redeemed themselves with a different one.

How times have changed when a headlock used to open a match and now it's a thrown chair. Heard Undertaker recently shaved his head; hope it does more for him than it did Sabu- jut noticed he jobs more. Liked the concept of a flying knee through a table but think it's best he missed. Sabu adorning an ICP Hatchetman on his trunks is as sad and pathetic as if my grandpa would get a Glee tramp stamp. This was short, and sadly devoid of much content, but liked the clean finish.

It's a strange combination seeing Hernandez deliver fellow TNA midcarder Abyss' "Shock Treatment" then latch on an ankle twist with as much concentration as if he's trying to finish a Sudoku puzzle. Wow, I thought Sabu threw the shittiest flying chair; nope it's Mesias. Why's everyone wearing t-shirts? Thought this was an athletic sport not a shirts and skins game. Chessman has a nice uppercut but doesn't do much for it when someone just blantantly no sells it to stiffen their neck for the upcoming chair shot. Just a mindless mess, there's not been one tag and everyone's just walking around like zombies stuck in a walk in closet. Huge AC Delco banner in the background; i'd rather go change my oil than see another superkick. 10 minutes in and they are now tagging in and out. For this supposed to be loaded with the top guys, this was a very unfunny joke.

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