Thursday, October 25, 2007

William Regal vs. Super Crazy – (WWE Heat 6/22/07) – 5

Here’s a forgotten gem from the summer of ’07. Regal ate a couple really nice Crazy dropkicks early on. Later, Regal exudes his superior psychology, selling an arm that had been worked over prior, wincing and extending it to gauge the damage done. There’s a great sequence where they both start throwing wild punches in the middle of the ring. I love the way Regal kills himself on backdrops, and then showcases pain so well with his distinct facials. The ending saw Crazy miss a moonsault then Regal came off the ropes for momentum and nailed him with a brutal knee. Forgot that bootleg of Sydney White and go download this.

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Jessie said...

i feel the same way about regal, in a sport that seems to have forgotten about him, he still pulls out some nice work.