Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NWA Wrestling - 10/26/85

1. Magnum T.A. vs. Tony Zane – 1
Zane gets destroyed in less than thirty seconds. It only registers a point because of Magnum’s swank dropkick.

2. Superstar Billy Graham vs. Unknown Jobber – 1
Graham gets a nice reaction. Graham botches the finish and drops the poor jobber. He tries it again and suceeds. Graham looked pretty pitiful.

3. The Midnight Express vs. Rocky King & Carl Stiles – 2
We’re JIP from commercial with the Midnights just dominating poor Stiles. I don’t think King ever got a tag. Midnights win with a rocket launcher. King and Stiles were out-matched.

4. Buddy Landell vs. Rick Dunn – 2
Whooo! It’s the Ric Flair rip-off! Landell executed basic moves and wins it with a figure-four. Go figure. HA!! Get it! Figure four … go figure! Never mind.

5. Arn Anderson vs. Wahoo McDaniel – 3
Finally, something that isn’t a squash. Anderson is subbing for the Barbarian here. Decent stuff with Wahoo chopping and controlling the first half. Arn came back to control the second part until Wahoo mounted an offense. Ole Anderson comes in and they double team to send the old Indian back to his village.

6. The Rock N Roll Express vs. Kent Glover & Randy Barber – 2
The jobbers looked like they were plucked out of the audience. RNR’s dominate as if you couldn’t tell. Not much to note here. Moving on …

7. Ole Anderson vs. Mike Nickol – 3
I’m surprised Nickol didn’t piss his pants the minute he found. out he was being fed to Ole. The story was that Nickol wouldn’t give up so Ole kills him with a second-rope kneedrop and armbar for the win.

8. Sam Houston vs. The Black Cat – 2
David Crockett is the worst announcer ever. He theorizes that Black Cat must’ve been talking to the Anderson’s because he was working over Houston’s arm. As if the Andersons would even give the stupid jobber the time of day. Houston wins with a bulldog and I doze off. Yawn.

9. Tully Blanchard vs. The Italian Stallion – 3
You know the routine. Blanchard works over the poor jobber and finishes him off with a slingshot suplex. Magnum T.A. was doing guest commentary. Afterwards, Tully and Magnum brawl to set up the famous I Quit Match and Starrcade 85.

Final Thoughts:
The last time I saw this much squash was in a vegetable garden. The only thing that was halfway decent was Arn vs. Wahoo even then, it wasn’t that great. Eight squashes and a semi-decent bout in the middle of the show? No thanks. The build for Starrcade 85 was good but the match quality pretty much sucked. Thumbs down for this episode of NWA Wrestling.


Brian said...

How long were their television shows regularly back then? I wonder if we can track down any more Mike Nickol footage. I loved the, “this much squash”, line.

Adam said...

Their shows were normally two hours or so. Nickol was probably a guy they just grabbed off the corner somewhere. Thanks for the kind comment on the "squash" line.

Jessie said...

yeah, i laughed at that one too. glad to join you fellows out here on blog spot land, our new home.