Saturday, October 13, 2007

TNA Hard Justice 2007

1) Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt vs. Christopher Daniels & Senshi vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin - 5
2) Raven vs. Kazarian - 4
3) James Storm vs. Rhino - Bar Room Brawl Match - 4
4) Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. LAX - 2
5) Robert Roode vs. Eric Young - Humiliation Match - 3
6) Chris Harris vs. Black Reign - 1
7) The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3-D - 4
8) Andrew "The Punisher" Martin, Abyss, & Sting vs. Christian Cage, A.J. Styles, & Tomko - Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match - 4
9) Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe - 5

The opener was pretty faced past but wasn't really anything new or exciting. It seemed like they were running on cruise control. There were a few nice high-risk moves including a super cool moonsault by Sonjay. Raven and Kazarian was an interesting match that would've scored a little higher had it not been the constant interference from Martyr and Havok. It was, however, one of Raven's better matches in a while. I thought the bar room brawl match was fun in the beginning but started going downhill once Rhino threw a mannequin and starting chugging Smirnoff. There were a few interesting spots like Storm slipping on the ramp while delivering a suplex and Rhino throwing Storm through a cheap-ass table that simply folded onto itself. The battle of the initials (VKM vs. LAX) was an embarassment. Kip James looks like a failed homosexual stripper in his teal bell bottoms. There was a pin after VKM's valet Roxxi threw some powder in LAX's face, and run-in by Hector Guerrero, and a pinfall thirty seconds into the restart. Ew.

Roode and Young had a superb match at Slammiversary and their match here was just as bad as the Slammiversary was good. Young slipped while going around the ringpost because he had to set up the spot were he fell into the rail. Ms. Brooks was a big distraction at ringside (literally, and in more ways than one) and ran interference at the end. Afterwards, while Roode was starting to tar and feather Young, Gail Kim ran down, Ms. Brooks ate an accidental clothesline from Roode, and was eventually feathered. Black Reign looked like a pile of shit and while Harris bled, it wasn't enough to save this from trash of the night. Even though the Steiners and Team 3-D are nearly immobile, I still thought it was cool to see these two legendary teams in the ring at once. Scotty hit a swank top-rope Frankensteiner and Rick dumped Bubba on his head numerous times. It wasn't the greatest match ever but I would watch it again as it was fairly entertaining.

Now, for the main events. The Doomsday Chamber match had potential and was pretty wild in the beginning but fell apart as soon as they all got in the ring. The first part featured a cool dive by A.J. through the cage door. Afterwards, everything fell apart. Sting got locked out of the cage and wandered around aimlessly while trying to figure out how to cut off the barbed wire from the top of the cage. Most everyone got sliced open at one point or another (because you couldn't be pinned until you were bleeding) and Abyss finally scored a fall after Christian hauled ass up the ramp to go bang that interview chick. The Angle/Joe match was pretty heavy on story but turned out to be the match I first imagined they would have when Angle came in to TNA. Joe was throwing forearms and kicking hard and Angle was just totally eating them. Joe's chops seemed like they had some authority to them. Once the match started heating up, they both ended up blatanly abusing each other. The story focused on Kurt's wife, Karen, wanting a divorce and then sitting ringside with her new lover while sipping champagne. The finish saw a ref bump and Karen teasing to slide a chair into Joe. Swerve!!! She gives the chair to Kurt who ends up getting the win. All in all, the show didn't really have any notable matches, save for the Steiners/Team 3-D match, and is better than some recent offerings from WWE. I wouldn't rush out to Best Buy and grab it but it's good to have when there's nothing on TV. Thumbs up.


Brian said...

that clothesline Ms. Brooks ate was the highlight of the show for me.. - and Kazarian's performance..

Jessie said...

wow, i thought that was actually the worst in the series between joe and angle, and it was simply due to dumb ass karen angle being involved....and the paint by numbers match they had

Didge said...

Might be the worst tna ppv ever!