Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WWE Unforgiven 2007

1 CM Punk v. Elijah Burke- 5
2 Matt Hardy/ MVP v. Deuce and Domino- 3
3 HHH v. Carlito- 3
4 Beth Phoniex v. Candice Michelle- 3
5 Great Khali v. Rey Mysterio v. Batista- 4
6 Cade & Murdoch v. London & Kendrick- 6
7 John Cena v. Randy Orton- 2
8 Undertaker v. Mark Henry- 2

I only feel compelled to write this review after much feedback I've read about the show. In recent days and weeks, WWE is undergoing something of a crisis. For one, the Benoit tragedy has subsequently forced a look into professional wrestling's much kept but completely obvious steroid secret. WWE's obviously failed Wellness Policy was enforced only due to the public eye being on it and has suspended at least 10 men, some of whom were involved in major roles on their TV. Then, you have injuries, with at least 5 major players being out due to that. Then, you have others who have threatened to quit or walk out due to various reasons, such as Ric Flair and Booker T. While WWE could manage without them, when you have such respected members of the wrestling community ready to jump off the ship, morally, that hurts. Then, you have Hornswaggle McMahon, the latest blunder in an ever increasing long line of mistakes WWE continually makes. If you look at the show, it was very angle-lite, meaning much of the PPV time was dedicated to in ring action. But, the matches we had before us were all very bad, well, not bad per se but quite average and that's a problem because no one is going that extra step. Okay, I'll step off my soapbox and talk about the matches themselves:

1- Punk v. Burke- a match we've seen countless times and it never gets any better. These two both have a load of potential but that load turns into a pile of you know what when they lock horns.

2- MVP/ Matt Hardy v. Deuce and Domino- Neither team has any longevity and this match was simply on to further the US title feud which is nice to see something get some build to it. Hopefully, it culminates in Matt getting a long awaited singles belt run because he's most certainly earned it.

3- HHH v. Carlito- Carlito is becoming a joke and his hair looks stupider now than it did before, if that's even possible. HHH completely obliterated him and continued to devaluate other talent that needs a win more than he does.

4- Women's match- this was a one sided match with a good finish that leaves the gates wide open for a rematch. Smart booking and Candice took some decent punishment

5- World Title Match- Khali needed to lose the title- it was a surprise for Batista to win it and it's fine to be surprised once in a while in WWE. Rey took a lot of punishment to try and help this one.

6- Tag Title- these two teams match up quite well and London and Kendrick have broken themselves numerous times to help get tag team wrestling back over, despite WWE's kill-kill-kill attitude towards it.

7- WWE Title- this match was a blowoff for the final installment in this trilogy and was an insult to be put on PPV> they usually relegate this kind of match for Raw and I'm certainly glad I didn' t pay $40 for this show, although the 4.50 piece of cake I had is a little high.

8- Taker's return- Everyone knows how immobile and lethargic Henry is and his lack of creativity showed when he kept trying to do a simple splash out of lack of having any other moves in his repertoire. But, as Brian pointed out, WWE had way too much stock in Taker and he simply can't carry these big, talentless oafs anymore and put out a good product. That was completely evident in this horrid excuse for a Pay Per View Main Event.

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Brian said...

just found the DVD of this.. but after reading both your and Adam's review I'll promptly burn that motherfucker