Sunday, September 16, 2007

JCW SlamTV! #5

1. O'Doyle and Rob Rizon vs. Lether Face and Jayson Vorheese - 2
2. Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo vs. Cpl. Robinson and 2-Tuff Tony – 3

Never before did I think I’d miss the days of Jason the Terrible and Leatherface of WING fame, but, the duo of Lether Face and Jayson Vorheese certainly makes me nostalgic for the aforementioned guys. These two couldn’t even afford decent costumes to pull off their mediocre renditions of horror icons. Jayson’s wearing a crummy mask that looks like a prepubescent teen’s handmade Jason X tribute and an old thrift store flannel, and Lether Face is sporting an afro and more white than Antarctica. The only props I can honestly dish out are Jayson for a credible-looking brainbuster, and to say their double chokeslam was a tad better than Kronic’s.

The main event tag was probably the best thing I’ve seen thus far of JCW, but still only warranted a low grade in the end. Granted, there were a lot of nasty bumps, including some sick ones executed on steel chairs, a suplex onto the entrance ramp, some barbwire baseball bat fun, and use of an utterly unbreakable table.

My real big problem with JCW is credibility. If you turned the audio off and just watched the matches, or hired decent help, you could take the wrestling somewhat seriously, regardless of how bad it generally is. But, the Insane Clown Posse do the announcing, and thoroughly bury most of their own talent, and make a mockery of the industry. I shit you not when I say that every single backyard federation I’ve seen, and trust me, I hate to admit just how many I have witnessed, does more to preserve kayfabe than JCW, and the blame solely rests on the shoulders of ICP. They constantly refer to things being either fake or real, make fun of competitors, call attention to blown spots, are gratuitously vulgar, shamelessly self-promote, etc. In the end, I actually feel bad for the workers; guys who legitimately hurt themselves for meager pay, only to have two assholes do offensive commentary over their work, unabashedly ridiculing it.


Blogger said...
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Brian said...

thanks a lot for the comment, brent.. - i just can't back ICP on commentary.. - i remember when i first saw their original Stranglemania video around '98 and thinking it was fantastic but now i've got far too much respect for those in the ring to dig two jerkoffs spouting off bullshit over their work..

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the documentary called Card Subject To Change? Necro Butcher said he gets paid more money in wrestling than what he would breaking his back in a saw mill.