Sunday, September 23, 2007

ECW Hardcore TV- 11/19/95

1) Buh Buh Ray Dudley v. Don E Allen/ The Bully- 1

Buh Buh, You're a God Damned Moron! He came parading out in a white top coat and hat, looking fatter than Pavaratti and destroyed two local boys. The Bully looked like he couldn't push around a 1st grader. 2 brutal powerbombs and we're moving on.

2) The Sandman/ 2 Cold Scorpio v. Public Enemy- 3

Here's an ECW original for ya: the Dance Off! Is Anyone else sick of this stupid tradition of cheap fan heat? While 2 Cold is argubly the best dancer to ever compete in one, Sandman is the worst, further pushing along Chris Rock's stand up routine of how much he hates white people and how they can't dance or play basket ball. Nancy Benoit, in an eerie moment, did the cabbage patch and who wouldn't give anything to know that she could still do that somewhere. Well, maybe we're better off….okay, I'll stop there. This was a sloppy match, feels repetitive saying that about ECW but some highlights were 2 Cold ripping the hand off of a fan's prostethic arm and checking Johnny Grunge's prostate in ring! Nancy was drilling PE with the kendo stick and looked like she knew how to handle hard wood. The end was pretty flat but it was kind of fun watching Sandman drunkenly stumble around the ring like the other 64 times I've seen it.

3) Mikey Whipwreck v. Steve Austin (ECW Title)- 3

Austin beat the man-child Whipwreck all around the ring and enjoyed every minute of it. He was deliciously ruthless in his ECW role and you could see that was a man who enjoyed his work. He got rolled up quick at the end, but took it out on Mikey. It was kind of a like a squash except the squashee got the win. It only gets points for the punishment Austin handed out and for his Fabio hair.

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