Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NOAH: Spring Navigation 06

Note: There were several matches on the show that were clipped, which would be unfair to rate since I didn't see the full matches.

1 Takuma Sano/ Akira Taue v. Eddie Edwards/ 2 Cold Scorpio-4- Taue is still fun to watch because he likes to get beat up and likes to beat on young guys. 2 Cold has looked fabulous in all of his NOAH outings and did not disappoint here. His partner looks like a rookie he has taken under his wing who has promise.

2 Kenta Kobashi v. Noamichi Marufuji-9- This was an awesome match! It was thirty plus and featured two different styles duking it out. It featured some great working over of the arm and some stiffness from both men. Marufuji has a great career if he can keep up with the hard hitters in the heavy division.

3 KENTA v. Taiji Ishimori- 8- Ishimori looked like a manga loving teen geek at first look but proved he can bust mouths as well as his opponent. KENTA is more dangerous than Steven Segal forty years ago and definitely has better kicks and potentially a better ponytail. Another long match that had tons of hot spots and devilish strikes.

4 Jun Akiyama v. Masao Inoue- 5- Inoue is a pudgy worker that I don't think is main event. Akiyama seemed really sub par against him and may need a great opponent to excel. That scares me.

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