Monday, September 18, 2006

HWA Cyber Clash

1) Ben Kimera & Brian Jennings vs. Ric Byrne – Handicap Match – 1
2) Matt Parks vs. Brian Beech – 2
3) Jesse Hyde vs. Dick Rick vs. Brad Smith – Triple Threat Match – 2
4) Matt Stryker vs. Tack – 4
5) Alan Wasylychn & Aaron Williams vs. Bull Pain & Michael Todd Stratton – 3
6) Foreign Intelligence vs. J.T. Stahr & Eric Darkstorm vs. The GP Code vs. T.J. Dalton & Matt Dillenger – Four Way Elimination Match – 2
7) A.J. Sparx vs. Hellena Heavenly – 1
8) Crazy J vs. Lotus – Ladder Match – 6
9) Nigel McGuinness vs. Chad Collyer – 5
10) Pepper Parks vs. Jimmy Yang – 6
11) Jon Moxley vs. Cody Hawk – Cage Match – 5

This was touted as the biggest night in HWA history as it was their first online PPV. By that acclimation, they fell short but still managed to put on a somewhat entertaining show. The first three matches were from the preshow. They were filled with undercard talent that had no talent at all. The ratings speak for themselves as they were filled with supremely sloppy wrestling and wasted youth. Kicking off the main show was Stryker vs. Tack. They had a perfecty acceptable opening contest and was probably one of Stryker’s better matches of the past few years. The tag match with the veteran Bull Pain was decent with the only highlight being Pain giving one of the rookies a Liger bomb on the floor following the match. The four way match started off good but ran way too long and the two teams left at the end seemed totally gassed and lost. The women’s match was a total joke and they looked more eager to go backstage and jerk off their boyfriends than putting together a decent match.

The ladder match had some nice and intriguing spots but was a disappoinment overall. It is recommended if you’re a fan of the Irish Airborne, as it features the two members fighting each other, but otherwise I’d pass. Everytime I see Nigel in action, it seems like he’s either teaming with Collyer, facing Collyer, or washing Collyer’s car. Now, I’m not saying they had a bad match but it seemed to me like it was a little out of place. It was, however, the best match I’ve seen with these two. Parks and Yang had a satisfying match that was short and sweet. Yang looked a little out of shape but fit in quite well in the surroundings. Moxley and Hawk had a really good match until the finish totally screwed everything up. All the referees got knocked out and Hellena Heavenly interfered for some unknown reason. The match itself was pretty fluid with lots of blood. If you can get someone to copy it for you or find it for cheap in the trading forums, I’d get it, otherwise you didn’t miss much.

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