Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dusty Rhodes DVD - Disc 3

Disc 3:

1) Dusty Rhodes vs. The Honky Tonk Man – 5
2) Dusty Rhodes, Red Rooster, Tito Santana, & Brutus Beefcake vs. The Honky Tonk Man, Bad News Brown, Big Boss Man, & Rick Martel – Elimination Match – 5
3) Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire vs. Randy Savage & Sherri – 3
4) Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase & Virgil – 2
5) Dusty Rhodes vs. Steve Corino – Bullrope Match – 2
6) Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes vs. Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett – 5

Polka dots and tubby athletes do not mix. Rhodes and Honky had a typical excuse for a late-80s WWF pay-per-view match and not much more than that. The elimination match was formidable and it may not have featured crisp wrestling, it certainly featured some interesting teams. Damn, the mixed tag match sucked. Everyone mailed it in and Sapphire couldn’t wrestle a lick to save her life. Oh wait, she’s already dead. Never mind. Dustin Rhodes was so terribly green and tossing him in with Virgil was a very bad idea because the final product was enough to lull you to sleep. In the documentary, Rhodes’ stint in ECW isn’t even mentioned so why his only ECW pay-per-view match against Corino is on here is anyone’s guess. Rhodes bladed and the referee taped a cowbell to Corino’s head. The final match I already touched on in the review of WCW Greed. Looking at it on paper, you may scoff, however, everyone tried and the result was a very acceptable match which ended with Jarrett’s head up Dusty’s ass.

More from Dusty:
“Livin’ … on the end of a lightning bolt.”

The matches aren’t the only highlight on this set as peppered throughout are an astonishing 48 classic Dusty vignettes and promos along with a 90-minute look at the man himself. This three-disc set is a must have for any wrestling fans DVD collection. I found mine at Wal-Mart for less than $20 and I recommend that if you see it anywhere, no matter what the price, that you put down the baby butt-wipes and buy the DVD!

A final word from Dusty:
“Ow! That’s funky! That’s the American dream!”

Indeed it is.

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