Monday, September 18, 2006

Bret “Hit Man” Hart DVD – Disc #1

1. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs – 7/13/85 – 4
2. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees – 2/17/86 – 7

The match with the Bulldogs is very monotonously paced, and far from either teams best efforts. There are a couple highlights, though; ranging from Bret’s typically high impact sternum-first bump into the buckles, and a Dynamite Kid missile dropkick. The majority of the match focuses on the Foundation keeping Davey Boy from tagging out, which is general tag team psychology, and done for the most part admirably. It runs nearly fifteen minutes, but not a lot happens. The finish is very bizarre, as a “curfew” hits leading to the bell ringing instantaneously, and hundreds of fans hurriedly getting out of their seats and rushing to their nearest exit.

The second match is actually really great in some ways. It starts off similarly to the first one, and the Foundation has the role of being absolute cheating pricks down perfectly. The match has much better energy, however; plus, the Bees’ aren’t lazy in the selling department, either. The biggest hindrance is the referee, who does such an obviously bad job, that even the announcers are forced to question his scruples. I liked this a lot, even though Bret totally slipped off the second buckle in-route to doing a flying elbow, looking totally amateurish and much more akin to Bruce Hart. I need also give credit to “Jumpin’” Jim for taking a horrific bodyslam on the floor. The finish was odd here, too; as apparently the time limit expired. I could have sworn they announced a thirty-minute limit beforehand, but after approximately twenty minutes the bell rang, declaring the bout a draw and leaving the crowd audibly displeased.

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