Thursday, October 6, 2011

PWG Kurt RussellMania

You know what Jack Burton always says, "Ah, what the hell...the check is in the mail"

1) The Cutler Brothers/ Ryan Taylor/ Christina Von Eerie v. Malachi Jackson/ Johnny Goodtime/ Candice LaRae/ Jerome "LTP" Robinson- 3
So, 90 seconds in we have a gigantic dive fest outside. If that had been built up to, it would have been pretty cool. LTP's little ass completely overshot his anyways. This is your stock opener, goes about 14 minutes, everyone breaks everyone else's stuff, and there's no psychology. You know what this match is before it even starts. The women are the best characters in the match. I dig Candice much more now that I see she's wearing a She-Ra outfit; Christina considerably less with her Dead Kennedys look. LTP is screwing shit up left and right, having problems even doing a whip in. Cutlers have never been on the left side of the list for me but their finish is pretty cool. Candice's Ball Plex is kind of awesome for a female wrestler.

2) Brandon Gatson v. Brandon Bonham - 4
I think this is your local talent's showcase match. Bonham actually has some really good foot movement, all his kicks are on target and a great mushroom stomp. That being said, his punches look as effective as a Smurf's. Gatson also has some athletic ability, looks like a 8 year old girl tumbling all over the ring but is void as far as giving off any emotion from his face. Overall this didn't drag too long and i liked the pace they worked.

3) Human Tornado v. Super Crazy- 4
Tornado has perpetrated some awful crimes against wrestling during his PWG tenure but this I enjoyed. Crazy while gaining tons of weight has never seemed to lose any of his movement. He was a great base for Tornado to hit all kinds of nonsensical stuff here and it came off like it made sense. Match went a little short but I bumped it a point for the finish because I have no clue what even happened but it looked crazy.

4) Davey Richards v. Kevin Steen - 4
They came to play tonight, so much comedy off the bat and I think Steen's comedic career has more legs than guest commentator Colt Cabana's. Steen is kissing guys left and right, and providing some very funny remarks inside the ring such as asking Davey "Do you work out?" and getting a 2 count and telling the ref "Hey, that was a bodyslam." I didn't buy the arm work so late and so quick and Davey's 5 second drum solo isn't putting Tommy Lee in the poor house anytime soon. Also, when opening matches break out crazy spots like powerbombing a guy into the ring apron, it weakens it later on as in this match.

5) Scott Lost/ Joey Ryan v. Kai/ Great Muta - 4
Muta knows exactly how to work any crowd, and this crowd is amped. Muta's old and broken down and he's still moving in slow motion to give Lost a hot streak, yikes. Still, Lost worked most of this, which is all good for me as Ryan is one of the more overrated guys in the indy scene today. Kai come off as pretty generic and the crowd only seemed into Muta's signature spots, all of which came off great including the mist. Looks like Ryan missed a spot when (or someone else) shaved his back.

6) El Generico v. Jushin Liger- 6
This wasn't your early 90's 20 minute junior war but was a nice calling card for all multi-generational bouts like this. The crowd wants to see all the legend's famous stuff and the new generation guy's stuff compare and they worked near falls better than anyone else on the show at this point, by a far margin. Somehow before the match started Liger looked older, even though he's wearing a costume. But I think for the career he's had, he's held up better than most guys career v. career.

7) Generation Me v. Brian Kendrick/ Paul London- 6
The Bucks were in their "evil" guise, which worked about as well as Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil plans (sorry for the reference, i have a 3 year old at home) I generally loathe the Bucks whole game, but here the vets pulled them into something more akin to a sloppy fight at the basketball courts than choreography. London especially looked possibly tipsy, running all over, throwing some stiff shots but it added something to this match that makes it stand out to me. The dives looked gregarious to be nice, but again, another added touch to the effect. The finishing sequence put this over the top for me; i would go so far as to call it a rare moment of beauty in pro wrestling and give those guys credit for putting it together.

8) Chris Hero v. Roderick Strong v. Rob Van Dam- 6
This was a strange main event. My thoughts on this were it was a hard hitting fantastic singles between Strong and Hero that Van Dam happened to be involved in. Seemed the meat and heat of it all rested between those two. Don't get me wrong, RVD was heavily involved and I couldn't think of ayone besides Randy Orton who has made RVD's by the numbers offense look as credible as these two have in years. Everyone was at their best, Hero was throwing vicious elbows, not the frilly scientific stuff he used to do. Strong was brutal and RVD actually took some cool bumps off his stuff. Finish felt a flat punchline to a joke; RVD kind of walked into and a complete lack of creativity there.


Anonymous said...

I think you'd be surprised how many male wrestling fans think Von Eerie is the hottest thing out there. I...disagree.

Jessie said...

doesn't surprise me.....i'm not saying she's not attractive....i just totally dug the She-Ra i liked her finisher