Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DVDVR Best of Texas in the 80's Disc 6

1) Fabulous Freebirds v. The Von Erichs Bunkhouse Elimination Cage Match (09/03/84)- 7
2) Iceman King Parsons v. Chris Adams (10/08/84)- 4
3) Kevin Von Erich v. Chris Adams (10/27/84)- 5
4) Gino Hernandez/ Chris Adams/ Jake Roberts v. Bobby Fulton/ Mike & Kerry Von Erich (10/27/84)- 5

Going to tackle this one in chunks- this disc started out hot, almost as hot as that really shitty film "We Own the Night" (just watch the first 6 minutes and you'll know what I mean). This match looked like an 80's ad for Jordache blue jeans. Everybody was fighting for their lives, throwing punches, kicks, and using each other's footwear. Kerry clamping on the double Iron claw popped the people big time, and well, shit there was so many ebbs and flows to this, i'm bumping up my score. 2nd bout was tv fare, pretty elementary stuff, as if two guys about to graduate from wrestling school were told to do a match of everything they learned. Finish was screwy. Next 2 bouts I've review in the past, the Adams-Kev match is only known for the sickest superkick to a kneeling Kevin that blasts him out of the ring. This thrown together six man, I kind of crapped on but re-watching it, pace made it great. They gave it some time, everyone got a chance to shine (except Mike, a talent he never quite picked up) and the end was total heel and vicious.

5) Terry Gordy v. Killer Khan (Texas Death Match w/ Kerry as Guest Ref, 11/22/84)- 9
6) The Fantastics v. Midnight Express (12/25/84)- 6
7) Gino Hernandez/ Chris Adams/ Jake Roberts v. The Von Erichs (12/31/84)- 4

Holy Shit- I'm convinced that there may not have been a better pro wrestler in the world than Terry Gordy at this time. Again and again he impresses me beyond words. This match was a true bloodbath, earlier this year I saw Slaughter-Sheik Boot Camp, this is done in the same vein. Gnarly gaping wounds on both guys, really dramatic finishes and big moves to boot. This had everything. Next tag was possiby my favorite tag matchup ever. Except this had Condrey instead of Lane; no matter, he reminded me how good a heel cutoff could be. Loved the strange rollups he did too. This is a great example of a classic 80's tag match. Next bout had heat galore, it as all about Kevin wanting to tear Adams apart and the Gentleman avoiding him at all costs. Roberts looks really silly doing armdrag bumps for weenie Chris.

8) The Fantastics v. Midnight Express (01/11/85)- 5
9) Chris Adams v. Kerry Von Erich (01/11/85)- 3

Another great matchup of two classic teams- this was a strange match though; never really had a face beatdown until the last few minutes, Condrey seemed to be out of place a lot in this one (even though he brought the amateur pinfalls.) Rogers isn't a great face in peril, Fulton's better, and it kind of brings the match up when he takes the beating near the end. Next bout is a revenge match with Kerry stepping up for Kevin; although there's nothing here to indicate these two men hate each other. It largely consists of rest holds for the remainder of the bout. Adams relies way too heavily on the superkick, uses it quick and often. Kerry's selling isn't too hot here either.

10) Ric Flair v. Terry Gordy (01/11/85)- 4
11) Chris Adams v. Kerry Von Erich (02/08/85)- 7
12) Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams v. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich (Lumberjack Match, 02/22/85)- 5

Flair v. Gordy- wow, a match that would make any purist salivate; unfortunately whatever backstage codger gave the finish here should be put out to pasture. We saw a very subdued Gordy, with the exception of the figure four he tried and Flair working his leisurely Texas pace. He always tries piledriver here too though; but he should leave those to the experts. Next bout is the perfect of what a 12 min. match main eventing Raw should aspire to be. They started out after each other violent and spotty, like a Mel Gibson revenge movie but changed directions for the better. Kerry working a facelock for 6 mins? check. Adams and Kerry trying to out dropkick each other? Check. Kerry taking a huge bump over the top rope like his next score depended on it? It's all here. Adams makes the Iron claw scarier than the US federal deficit. Next match had all the makings of a great bout, but a few things hinder it. Kevin is out for blood on Adams, so of course he'd snapmare him into a chinlock? Get the F out as Vince's marketing people tried to push a few years ago; guessing they were all victims of layoffs when Vince used government money for new jobs to line his own pockets. Adams and Kerry have much better chemistry as evidenced by the last match. Gino at one point is working a headlock, or so I thought; more resembles him working with Steve Irwin trying to hold a vicious croc's mouth shut. The lumberjacks don't really come into play at all, except when they all punch Gary Hart at the end. Garbage finish, you say, 1 coming right up!

13) The Fantastics v. Midnight Express (03/08/85)- 4
14) Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams v. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich (Texas Tornado Match, 03/22/85)- 5

Rogers hits one of the smoothest, quickest yet violent hiptoss I've seen. This match follows same formula as the other ones with less time to develop and a Cornette finish. Fulton's hot tag is considerably hotter, and Eaton seems to be starting to figure out what his career will turn into: tag team greatness. Condrey commits a terrible sin in trying 7 pinfalls in 7 seconds and doesn' impress the rest of the match. Well shit, another damn DQ. This still was tons of fun. Match started out fast and was on par with the Kree-Skrull war in terms of sheer violence. It quickly got tepid. The double headlock spot looked like a creepy orgy scene in a sheik's harem. I find it humorous Kevin and Adams are feuding, yet they always pair Kerry with Adams, and for good reason. Gino was doing some silly Rock selling. The claws come out, and for a move that never beats anyone, it's really over. I think a few minutes shaved off this when it was at it's hottest would have helped.

15) Dynamic Duo/ Rip Oliver/ One Man Gang/ Steve Williams/Kamala v. The Von Erichs & The Fabulous Freebirds (3/5 Falls Match, 05/05/85)- 6

So, this match was crazy, they had 2 rings set up, and guys would travel from ring to ring and wait for tags in the match, like in War Games except you tag in. 1st team to win 3 falls wins 100,000 bucks. It's a match that doesn't have a lot of highlights but is wild fun and was booked well. Great seeing Doc in there, as well as Gino v. Roberts, which needed a singles bad. Even Chris looked good here. Doc was selling his butt off for the Von Erichs too. Really fun spectacle match and gets a recommended on that and the frenetic energy.


Brian said...

Gordy best in '84? what were Flair, Tsuruta, and Chosu up too? may have to spin the DVDVR NJPW & AJPW sets to find it.. - that last match.. that equated to what, a little under $17,000 per guy.. that ain't shit.. Dana gave Brian Ebersole $70,000 ontop of his purse and finish bonus.. haha

Jessie said...

Well, Flair's been on this set and hasn't impressed.....seriously when you start in on this, this is a Terry Gordy I never knew about.....i mean combine this with his All Japan run years later....think he's one of the best of all time......Haha, good one

Geo said...

Yeah Gordy is really amazing. He blew me away with his bumping, selling, and timing. Flair had some great matches on this set, though. I loved his work Kevin. That David memorial match was one of my all time faves. I really remember not liking that last match, man. It defined cluster-fuck for me. I loved your review. I can really sense how much you enjoy some of that good ol' Dallas-style rasslin.

Jessie said...

Agreed whole far biggest surprise of this set.....yeah he did but none of them stand out from the pack like his did......arguably even Chris Adams had better output on the whole than Flair.....I dug it....didn't see much messed definition yes, the match will be a cluster because of the rules and how many people involved but it had a War Games appeal of everyone mixing it up and fighting.....I truly do.....would love to have a 10 disc Global set