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Jessie's AWF Ballot & comments

Coming up in a just a few days, we post the results for our 6th project (Power Hour 1990, WWF Superstars 1996, WWF Smackdown 1999, WCW Worldwide 1994, WCW Monday Nitro top 200) which featured the short lived AWF promotion mostly featuring older veterans and enhancement talent.

I actually took notes on all the matches to help form my ballot and am going to post it here for everyone to get a sneak preview of what's in store for those results.


Jess’ List:

1. Chris Adams v. Greg Valentine- 6 Halfway into this match and it’s surpassed everything else I’ve seen on the set. Both guys were just doing what they do best. I love a great post bump and Valentine shows he’s up there, brutal clothesline, Adams nasty superkick near end puts the only draw on the set into safe No. 1 waters, had nearly as many nearfalls as epic Punk-Cena Chicago bout (#7)

2. Tony Atlas/ Koko B Ware v. Greg Valentine/ Tommy Rich- 6 Loved Tony’s crazy eyes when on defense, like he was taken over by voodoo or something, the heels showed bumping is in their blood, Koko’s comeback was scorching hot and the surprise finish cements this (#16)

3. Tito Santana v. Tommy Rich – 5 Tourney match, unique pairing don’t think they’d have ever met, 1st round Rich controlled, decent, but 2nd it was turned up, Tito’s great as sympathy beatdown guy and Rich bumped like he was working on a fluffy cloud (#8)

4. 2 Cold Scorpio v. Bobby Bradley – 5 this match was crazy, Bradley came to impress, both men trying to match each other’s high risk moves, awesome 450 finish (#12)

5. Chris Adams v. Ron Powers – 5 Powers looked really good here and confident for most of this, Adams selling was fantastic, all through this 16 min. affair, nice flash pin (#2)

6. Greg Valentine v. Jim Powers- 5 Loved how the 1st round ended, something so life affirming about Greg plodding around the ring, dropping elbows where it pleases him, more like the Valentine show but loved the reversal of figure four (#6)

7. Johnny Gunn/ Jim Powers v. Texas Hangmen- 5 this had a great story, Hangmen are Disorderly Conduct, won’t hold that against them, Gunn can be stiff assault or fun weak babyface, back and forth was really fun here (#18)

8. Johnny Gunn/ Jim Powers v. Hubert Simpson/ Dan McGuire- 4 almost went to a 3rd round- really fun back and forth, the jobbers selling was so animated it was a hoot to watch, finish was hilarious (#11)

9. Bobby Bradley v. Koko B Ware- 4 Bradley not as flash here, but gets the job done, Loved how he constantly stayed and controlled Koko, Koko’s dropkick and brainbuster were sweeter than the treats he feeds Frankie (#1)

10. Cowboy Bob Orton v. Koko B Ware- 4 This wasn’t long but real entertaining, Orton’s schtick selling all over the place was his best work of set, Koko is always great for a good dropkick, ending was slick (#7)

11. SST v. Chris Adams/ Konan 2000- 4 SST always bring the fight, but this one had some clunky moments. Adams looked generally a step off, but even then he’s a great performer. SST’s were all over their opponents, Putski’s effort was there and capping off with a really fun finish (#3)

12. Johnny Gunn v. Cowboy Bob Orton- 4 This had some great nearfalls, more so than a lot of stuff on the set, really creative finish too (#6)

13. Samoan Swat Team v. Pretty Boy Floyd/ Hubert Simpson- 4 the two goofiest jobbers on the set draw unlucky SST as opponents, one of the most fun squash matches I’ve ever seen, Floyd should be shooting up in an alley, Simpson gets embarrassed and brutalized much to my delight, that slap was beyond sick (#15)

14. Tommy Rich v. Sgt. Slaughter- 4 surprised how physical this was, Sarge really gave himself up in this performance and Rich continues to be a bumping machine (#7)

15. Texas Hangmen v. Koko B Ware/ Tony Atlas- 4 Koko looked really hot on offense & D (incl. nice crossbody), Also nice double DDT he hit late, Atlas selling was stiff, and the finish was a diahrrea mess (#13)

16. Southern Posse v. Z Man/ Charlie Norris- 4 have no idea who Posse was but they liked to get their asses kicked, took a tremendous beating, best Zenk or Norris looked on set, were clicking with every spot (#17)

17. Cowboy Bob Orton v. Chris Adams- 4 wanted to like this but Orton looked so bad, just stumbling around like the night he got drunk and made Randy in his wife’s stomach, liked waiting powerslam, announcers discussing how great fed is, Taylor asks Karch if he’s asking for a raise, his response “Forget that situation!”

18. Chris Adams v. Bobby Bradley- 3 Bradley takes a huge bump right off the top rope standing on it, and what a sell and knockout shot on that superkick, yikes, Bradley continues to impress (#4)

19. - Tito Santana v. Hercules – 3 Prematch angle was really cool. I liked both guys punches a lot, powerbomb made Tito sit up and say “damn…” Shiek is ancient, lame involvement but classics 80’s finish (#5)

20. Hercules/ Mr. Hughes v. Warlord/ Jeff Gaylord- 3 All 4 of these guys looked silly trying to sell shots but act like it didn’t hurt at all, Herc’s succeeding the best. Hughes takes an awesome hiptoss bump and his dropkicks are excellent. Most I’ve ever liked him. Had a good feeling this would be a fuck finish (#3)

21. Texas Hangmen v. Eric Freedom/ Butler Stevens- loving big comeback from jobbers, Hangmen laid a vicious beatdown on them , two finishers (#10)

22. Chris Adams v. Warlord- 3 absolutely nothing happened 1st rd, 2nd Warlord’s big boot was a meal and half, superkick, holy shit, real sick finish was scorching (#6)

23. 2 Cold Scorpio/ Chris Adams v. Dan McGuire/ Billy Joe Eaton – 3 2 Cold good as usual, Eaton was game, took a huge beating but kept coming, McGuire was portly and in no shape to wrestle, that being said, nice arm work. Adams finish kick was nasty (#14)

24. Tito Santana v. Bob Orton jr- 4 Big World title match, you can kind of throw the 1st 3 rounds and nearly the last one away as it was just rest holds, story was solid and Tito’s as good as anyone at getting sympathy, Tito’s short punches were real bruising, in between rounds selling I enjoyed, had 2 good rounds but in the span of this epic they feel like not enough (#9)

25. The Renegades v. John Paul/ Steve Storm- 3 Heels were fun again here, Warlord looked like Ghidrah destroying Japan, insane gutwrench (#18)

The Rest

- Ron Powers v. Manny Fernandez- 3 Powers is good at working pace and flow of match, Fernandez game, nasty back suplex made him change his name to Rick Rude next, couple good rollup falls too (#17)

- Tito Santana v. Ultimate Destroyer – 3 This was as basic as it gets, that being said, I enjoyed it for that aspect, the back and forth went deep too (#1)

- Z Man v. Bounty Hunter- 3 Hunter does same schtick as vs. Tito, ex. Trying to elbow behind him in hammerlock, but Zenk just did a long extended technical showcase for the whole bout, completely fleshed out (#14)

- Koko B Ware v. Trevor Blanchard- 3 Koko looked like a true superstar here, just killing this guy was offense, Ghostbuster is something you should be afraid of (#10)

- Tony Atlas v. Sonny Rogers- 3 Atlas with some real silly selling this side of Khali, Rogers bumping was real fun though, bouncing off Atlas like a brick wall, Warrior finish? (#1)

- Johnny Gunn v. Jimi V- 3 I thought both guys had great movement and nice snap on all they did, real short though (#4)

- Tony Atlas v. Ron Powers- 3 Powers got boot! Atlas ate it in best spot , Atlas terrible on defense, slowly reeling around, finish came off weak (#6)

- Greg Valentine v. Ronnie Vegas- 3 Something about the gross looking Valentine slowly pummeling another gross looking dude, hammerlock takeover and Vegas nearly cripples himself, that was good for a laugh, real rough legwork that really blew

- Johnny Gunn/ Jim Powers v. Tony Ramone/ Rick Rocket- 3 these guys always have competitive squashes, loved the hart attack ending (#15)

- Samoan Swat Team v. Eric Freedom/ Tony Allen – 2 This was a complete decimation; SST were downright brutal, beautifully orchestrated violence (#12)

- Chris Adams v. Trevor Blanchard- 2 Oh Adams working stiff here, superkick was unreal (16)

Sgt. Slaughter v. The Terrorist- 2 This was super short but the comeback from Sarge was hotter than Blazin wings from B-dubs, okay maybe not that hot but it worked (#3)

Super Destroyer #1 v. Vern Henderson- 2 couple nice arm spots from Big V, liked the hiptosses too (#17)

- Cowboy Bob Orton v. Trevor Blanchard- 2 Orton with good movement, every move crisp, got a little time as well (#2)

- Johnny Gunn v. T Rex - 2 Not a lot to this one, Gunn looked poised, the finish was out of nowhere and insane as all get out (backwards dropping cobra clutch slam from top buckle) (#13)

- Michael Hayes v. Danny Boy Hawkins- 2 Danny Boy is selling for all he’s worth, nasty left hook ending, Hayes took great pleasure in that (#10)

- Hercules v. Jimi V - 2 Nasty attack from Herc, like Abomination targeting a nunnery, V bumped exceptionally well for this short bout (#2)

- Chris Adams v. Sonny Rogers- 2 This was sort of sloppy, but Adams got real stiff in a hurry, nasty back suplex and super kick this guy ate for a late lunch were both too sweeeeeet! (#11)

- Hercules/ Mr. Hughes v. Kenny Kendal/ Butch Long- 2 There’s that awesome dropkick, powerbomb broke backs too (#17)

- Renegades v. Bobby Bradley/ Sonny Rogers- 2 Stiff, stiff clothesline (#15)

- Tommy Rich v. Tony Atlas- 2 Really wanted to like this, armdrags to open were uglier than Rico Suave at the pool in a thong, liked Tony working that extended armbar though, flying headbutt pitiful it was (yoda speak) (#5)

- Greg Valentine/ Tommy Rich v. Danny Boy Hawkins/ Night Train Jackson- 2 Opening sprint was hotter than Dirk Nowitski at the NBA Finals, Rich bumping for Jackson like he was Race circa ’81, Valentine took his licks, but was god awfully slow, didn’t have a lot after opening salvo (#14)

- Hercules/ Mr. Hughes v. Billy Joe Eaton/ Rick Rocket – 2 This Eaton kid was living for bumping for these old fossils- Herc’s clotheslines were on target- a Mr. Hughes dropkick that was highlight of the show!?!; I shall shit my pants now (#11)

- Z-Man v. Hulk Elliot- 2 Not much to this at all, Zenk was throwing kicks all over the place as his unwashed mane flew everywhere; he controlled jobber whole time (#11)

- Tito Santana v. Ronnie Vegas- 2 A sleeper finish? Fun exercise for Tito (#16)

- Super Destroyers v. Koko B Ware/ Tony Atlas- 2 Nice jawbreaker, Taylor flips saying he invented that move?, Atlas nearly kills guy on press slam, not that career wasn’t already (#18)

- Steve Casey v. John Paul- 2 Casey dropped a couple good elbows I liked, was watching both men’s faces on finish Samoan drop, creepy and aesthetic at same time (#13)

- Konan 2000 v. Ronnie Vegas- 2 This wasn’t bad, Putski had some energy, showed off some athleticism, Vegas seemed trained at least. Good contact on finish but Putski seemed to be a little lost (#12)

- Fabulous Freebirds v. Hubert Simpson/ Don Diamond- 2 Jobbers were unbelievably bad, esp. Diamond. I knew before this started ‘Birds would drag it out; yep, sure did, unnecessarily so. Diamond took an ass whipping I wouldn’t wish on many (#12)

- Michael Hayes v. Bobby Bradley- 2 terrible waste of Bradley, that being said, he did bust out a phat rollup, another left hook to make ‘em cry (#6)

- Tito Santana v. Bounty Hunter- 2 This was real short, Hunter was too much girth to really do much, esp. sell, he couldn’t even throw a back elbow more than a few inches behind him! Tito’s forearm looked a little off as well (#13)

- Bob Orton jr v. T Rex- 2 Orton has a nice snap jab and took his token crazy corner bump, but he didn’t waste much of his Sat. afternoon with this slob (#3)

- Greg Valentine v. Billy Joe Eaton- 2 Thought this was mundane, Eaton is good hand but Valentine kept him down- nice elbow from 2nd rope (#1)

- Sgt. Slaughter v. Ultimate Destroyer- 2 Ult. D looked competent, ran nice beatdown on Sarge, but finish was blown, Sarge had won at end of buzzer, but then 2nd round D just laid around

- Texas Hangmen v. Chad Miller/ John Paul- 2 Hangmen know each other well, good teamwork, felt as empty as Nic Cage’s bank account and moral code (#16)

- Greg Valentine/ Tommy Rich v. Firefighter Jim/ Pretty Boy Floyd- 1 Floyd just creeps me out, Valentine particularly mean here, hard night for Jim (#10)

- The Renegades v. Pretty Boy Floyd/ Firefighter Jim- 1 Yikes, not sure where they’re finding these schmoes but I’d leave them there, finish was balls out (#12)

Hercules/ Mr. Hughes v. Ronnie Vegas/ Cody Hunter- 1 real short, Hughes dropkick not as good, solid powerbomb (#14)

- Nailz v. Rick Thunder- 1 what was with the Jeffery Dahmer comment? Taylor says “now we know who killed Dahmer”< Karch replies “Absolutely” sick shot with the flying bar stool (#1)

- Executioner v. Derrick Lambert- 1 powerslam worked (#18)

- Sgt. Slaughter v. Jerry Flynn- 1 liked how this started with Flynn’s corner kicks, but Sarge wrapped it up real early (#17)

- Hercules v. Lightning Rod- 1 Herc just didn’t want to be here, powerbomb looked hurty (#8)

- Johnny Gunn v. Ronnie Vegas- 1 such shitty punches from both guys, finish was real good though (#2)

- Nailz v. Jimi V- 1 good whip in, yep that’s it (#8)

- Bob Orton jr v. Billy Joe Eaton- 1 only highlight here was small Eaton comeback and the handjob piledriver Orton gave him for win (#4)

- Black Top Bully v. Chris Nelson- 1 armwork was different, but didn’t last long, Bully couldn’t lock his own finish in (#18)

- Mr. Hughes v. Tito Santana- 1 just a bunch of angle BS, this could have been good had they actually worked at least a 2 min. match (#7)

- Mr. Hughes v. Superfly- 1 Huge disappointment this was not Snuka, quick beatdown to injured guy (#5)

- Charlie Norris v. Chad Miller- 1 another lifeless Norris squash, nice jump front kick thoug (#14)

- Sgt. Slaughter v. Ken McGuire- 1 McGuire an embarrassment, Sarge laid in a few shots though (#1)

- Nailz v. Night Train Jackson- 1 Opening bump Jackson took was all he had to give (#11)

- Fidel Sierra v. Firefighter Jim- 1 nice hard finish, Jim wanted it to hurt (#15)

- Cowboy Bob Orton v. Chad Miller- 1 Orton wanted to take a bump outside before he finished this whelp off (#11)
- Mr. Hughes v. Bobby Bradley- 1 Bradley completed wasted here, could have done so much more, Hughes seemed very selfish #2)

- Fidel Sierra v. Trevor Blanchard- 1 Taylor vouched for jobber, so much time wasted, Sierra’s facials were gruesome (#12)

- Steve Casey v. Terry Allen- 1 some awkward work on the ground, nothing (#15)

- Sgt. Slaughter v. T Rex- 1 so quick Sarge’s hair didn’t even move (10)

- Tony Atlas v. Cody Hunter- 1 even thought this was only a min. real weak performance from Tony (#10)

- Mr. Hughes v. Hurricane Smith – 1 Smith is to humans what toxic waste dumps are to public parks, Hughes did a nice kneedrop but Smith doesn’t know how to sell, straight up (#4)

- Charlie Norris v. Tony Ramone- 1 Loved Charlie v. Regal on World Wide, here he was sluggish like a snail on a salt lick, Ramone was an embarrassment to human kind (#12)

- Nailz v. Koko B Ware- 1 Complete waste of a potential match (#5)

- Hurricane Smith v. Lightning Rod- 1 Smith looked like a bar bouncer, completely out of shape and disgusting, nothing happened here (#2)

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