Tuesday, August 2, 2011

April Lee vs. Alicia Fox vs. Serena Mancini vs. Tiffany - FCW 9/13/09 - 3

It's interesting to see this knowing where these women would end up less than two years later: April is (finally) just now appearing regularly (thankfully) on WWE TV as AJ, Alicia is one of the best women in the WWE (or any company in the US), Serena is back on the independent scene rocking a huge set of surgically enhanced fun bags, and Tiffany's lost her job and husband and will likely be turning to the porn industry to make a quick buck. To make the scenario even that much more surreal (and eye-popping) Rosa Mendes is working (poorly) as ring announcer.

Mancini does some good shoulderblocks in the corner. Fox takes an awkward bump out of the ring off of a Tiffany dropkick. This goes from cringe-worthy to insane when April does an unbelievable dive off of the top onto a lot of silicone on the floor. Later Fox takes another bump to the floor as if she's wanting a broken ankle. Mancini gets the win after something like a "Black Hole Slam" but where she made Lee's feet touch the back of her own head first. This was only a couple of minutes long so didn't have a chance to get actively terrible (although we got a frightening glimpse of what it could become) nor approach decency (but props to AJ for the ovaries-out dive).


Anonymous said...

Alicia is one of the best? Are fucking serious?

Brian said...

Absolutely. It's not like any women get much the chance to shine on TV, but take the stuff from her reign as champion, and stuff from Superstars, etc. is it's comparable to anyone else in that division without question. Besides having good offense and a good look, she's also more physical and confident in the ring than all but maybe 1-2 women on the roster (Natalya is the only other that comes to mind offhand).

Instead of just leaving a rude comment why not elaborate or at least challenge my position with some sort of intelligent response?

Anonymous said...

If I have to elaborate, you're blind. Everything she does almost kills the other person. She can't run the ropes, can't grapple, can't do basic moves, is obviously pitiably weak, and essentially can't do anything competently. Expecially the axe kick that she continues to use, despite the fact she fucks it up EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME she uses it. Literally everything you said about her (other than her good look) is so blatantly wrong, I can't find a proper word or words to express it.

Brian said...

You're full of shit.

Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James - WWE Hell in A Cell

Watch this. She bumps well, sells everything (watch the facial off of Mickie's seated dropkick and her subequently selling the damage post-bump), runs the ropes perfectly fine and utilizes ring space effectively, hits on your criteria of grappling (her body scissors which she used splendidly in the Gail Kim series is busted out) and basic moves, plays to the crowd, makes James' subpar strikes look painful, doesn't come off looking "weak" in the least, shows poise and confidence in the ring (as I touched on as a positive attribute originally), better Northern Lights suplex than most the guys in the indies, takes a FUCKING SICK bump on the MickieDT for the finish and eats it like a champ. So there's proof that you're absolutely fucking wrong and need to actively watch more of her work before spouting off some buzzwords and bullshit. I'm not even saying she's some amazing worker (just the one of the best women in that co.) and you've failed to convince me otherwise or suggest anyone better.

Dom Coccaro said...

I'm not a huge fan of Alicia, but she does something decent every now and then. At the very least, she's better than Kaitlyn or The Bella Twins. AJ fucking rocks. If they ever give her time on Smackdown (I'm talking at least 6-8 minutes), she'll win quite a few people over.