Friday, August 12, 2011

BJW Ikkotessen First Night 3.21.11

1. Hardcore Match:Shadow WX, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei Vs Ryuji Ito, Yuko Miyamoto & Shinobu - 3
2. Ikkitosen ~Death Match Survivor~ - Block A, Fluorescent Lighttubes & Ladder Death Match: Takashi Sasaki Vs Isami Kodaka (Union Pro) - 6
3. BJW vs. CZW Death Match: Abdullah Kobayashi, "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa & Kankuro Hoshino Vs DJ Hyde (CZW) (USA), Drake Younger (CZW) (USA) & Danny Havoc (CZW) (USA) - 4
4. Strong BJ Super Eight Man Tag Match: Daisuke Sekimoto, Yuji Okabayashi, Ryuichi Kawakami & Kazuki Hashimoto Vs Yoshihito Sasaki, Shinya Ishikawa, Takumi Tsukamoto & Masashi Otani - 5
5. Ikkitosen ~Death Match Survivor~ - Block B, Fluorescent Lighttubes, Kenzan & Iron Cage Death Match: Jun Kasai Vs Masashi Takeda - 7

Brian and I seem to agree that weak fins were the worst part of this show. Nonetheless, it was still pretty damn solid. So, without further ado, sicker than a Takashi Miike flick, it's BJW~!

We start off with a crazy match featuring a really great team that has a lot of potential. The team of Ito/Miyamoto/...and Shinobu really seemed like they'd bring a hell of a match out of an old timer and two guys I don't particularly care for. Shadow really started the match of great by clubbing the hell out of Shinobu's bony back. If you're gonna be stiff with a guy, do it to this kid because he'll flop and bump like a blue gill on the shore. Miyamoto really brought his A-game as per usual, hitting this ridiculously great looking hand-spring elbow, which he topped off with a flip. I had no idea what to call this, but it was tits. Brahmans also surprised me with their stiffness, but there was this odd disconnect within the match, almost a lack of a flow. Apart from the things I mentioned, nothing else really went and it had that forgettable factor.

The next match was balls-out awesome. The story here was excellent: Isami, the skinny kid from Union Pro, takes on (in my opinion) the top deathmatch worker in the company, Takashi Sasaki. This match was nuts to the nth degree. Isami took this sickening powerbomb onto the ladder that looked like it hurt more than a million bee stings, but Isami would get back at T. Sasaki by hitting this terribly disgusting (in a good way) leg sweep that took out the legs of Sas, hitting his dome square on the side support of the ladder. As the match progressed, you could tell he split his cranium in the back as his hair was soaked in blood. SICK! He sold it great, too by clutching the back of his head and kicking his legs. That might not have even been a sell! The spots would build and get crazier, with Isami ascending this haggard ladder with a chair, hitting a knee drop with said chair, onto Sas who was laying on top of a ladder! Craziness!! Sas would come back and hit some great kicks to Isami's skull, hitting a sick fin, featuring a Mich. Driver onto a ladder with tubes on Isami. Great shit.

So the next match featured our lovely CZW representatives Drake Younger, Danny Havoc, and DJ Hyde. Brian, Adam, and myself viewed this footage and we came to the mutual agreement that DJ looked about as fluid in his movement as a week-old pile of grey dog shit on the front lawn. Drake was going balls out. I remember watching his shoot interview on his Best of the Indies comp and him stating that he would rather perform in Japan than for WWE or TNA -- pretty cool moment for him. He hit a sick dive on Hoshino that looked great as well as a Mich. Driver that looked tits on Hoshino again. He also sold a chokeslam on a chair better than a starving auto salesman hunting for 16-year-olds using their daddy's money to buy their first car. Hosh was taking all kinds of nasty offense, including a particularly gross double stomp by Hacvoc. Numazawa bumped liked a crash test dummy, taking a sick suplex right on his neck. We got a shitty fin with DJ hitting a lariat. Then, we got this horrendous face off between the teams in which DJ tried to get the crowd to chant CZW, of which nobody partook. LOLZ.

You want Strong Style BJ? You GET Strong Style BJ. I'm not familiar with a couple of the guys like Otani and Tsukamoto. One of them way laying in these shitty forearms on Oka, but he would have none of it and Oka would take his ass to school with some sick chops. The match was worked well and it progressively got stiffer and stiffer as it went on, which made my mark-ass smile. The Yamato look-alike impressed me by laying in some hard forearms. Let me point something out: the forearm shots in the match really saved it here. Without it, it would've been a bit of a weak match in my opinion, but most of the guys here laid in their shit to make it a truly Strong Style match. Y. Sasaki came in an the energy went through the roof. I loved that dude. We got yet another flat fin which kept this match from being recommendable, but it was fun for what it's worth.

The main was delicious win. We all know that Jun Kasai is one of the most mentally unstable workers in Japan (hell, the world), so seeing him take on my personal fave deathmatch worker, Takeda, was amazing. Dude is balls out awesome, as was this particular match. The match started with mat wrestling. This was very important to overall successful match rating in that it led to a building formula. The Kenzan's came out in the match and I started squirming -- that shit is siiiiiick! In true Kasai fashion, he took a bump right into the spiky bastards and sold it like a million scrillas. Takeda kept taking it to Kasai, dropping him on his neck and folding him like a mofoking accordion. We were also fortunate enough to see a dynamite suplex off the top of the cage. Come on, it's BJW. You must expect insanity. I adored the sequence with Takeda getting thrown into the light tube-laced cage, then suplexing Kasai all in one fluid motion. As it stands now this match is fuck-yeah quality, but it gets better, oh, it gets better. We were blessed with seeing an electric chair off the top of the cage. I was sure they were both dead. We just witnessed two fatalities. Kasai continued to wage war on the youngster, hitting a stiff head-butt and hitting a dive for the win. Great fucking match!

The two deathmatches here were excellent.

Match Avg: 5

Watch: Takashi vs. Isami; Kasai vs. Takeda


Anonymous said...

Masashi Otani's only been working for a few months,so that's why he's new to you.

Jessie said...

i would have expected even bigger scores after this glowing review....damn your enthusiasm just rubs off on me reading this....I've got a new respect for Drake after seeing a bunch of his matches last weekend....please continue to write this good shit.....makes my mark-ass smile!

Brian said...

yea, remember watching this show one Spring night, Jess you bailed early but missed a hell of a bloodletting.. - good 'ol BJW~!

Geo said...

Haha -- def. check it out!