Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shinya Hashimoto v. Akira Nogami NJPW Jun. 20, 1992- 7

Shinya Hashimoto is my favorite Japanese wrestler of all time. His passing is, as far as selfish reasons, is one that hurts the most, because he was a joy to watch. I think he understood pro wrestling maybe better than 90% of everyone doing it and you could see that in his performances.

Here he faces Akira, an up and down the card junior competitor. This match is structured much like one Hash had with Jushin liger during Hash's amazing title run in the mid 90's. Except he shows Akira even less mercy. The beginning run is a beating not unlike one found in alleyways in New York City. The violence is comprable to any new age horror-torture flick without all the gimmicks and shit tons more pathos. Nogami doesn't necessarily seem game for it all; it's more like he survives it. A flurry of open hand slaps bust his nose open and push him outside to regain any cognizance he had before the beating began. A series of kicks, ending in one that damn near pops his nose off continues the brutality.

Then Hash gives as good as he gets and gives Akira a crazy run of offense, including a dropkick off the apron to the outside and a series of close fall suplexes. Hash once told Samoa Joe the secret to the industry is in the eyes, the eyes tell you everything and he uses that advice here, making a crazy face after he nearly gets pinned. I don't know of many people who have such a commanding presence in the ring when they're in control, but it's apparent here as soon as Hash is ready to finish this one off. one of his classic DDT's highlights the ending section.

It's been a while since i've watched him but this completely reaffirms my love for Hash.


Brian said...

his nose almost popped off!? what the hell is he a Mr. Potato Head?

Jessie said...

nope.....Hash is just that much of a killer.....this stuff is brutal

Anonymous said...

I wish he was still here. I doubt he'd still be wrestling if he was, but even another year or two of him kicking the living hell out of people would've been so great.

Geo said...

Loved Hash. Can't wait to see his son grow up in the biz.

Jessie said...

thanks for the comment anonymous....i share your sentiments as well.....yep, me too Geo...still have yet to see a Daichi match though