Sunday, January 30, 2011

WCW Saturday Night- 07/01/94

1) Bad Attitude v. Dustin Rhodes/ Arn Anderson- 6
2) Tex Slazenger v. Ricky Steamboat -3
3) Pretty Wonderful v. Stars & Stripes - 2
4) Ric Flair v. Sting - 4

The opener was one of those rare matches that wasn't long (maybe 6 minutes) but is too damn fun not to recommend. The team of BA is Bobby Eaton and Steve Keirn (who was sporting THE MOST HEINOUS MULLET OF ALL TIME) Rhodes and Eaton were piecing each other up in one hell of a brawl then Eaton (in some kind of Ric Flair parody) goes outside and takes a back body drop on the concrete! Eaton continues to punch like a manly god, this time schooling Arn, who was also his usual great self. Only thing Keirn did I liked was a flying knee to Arn's back which he sold by taking a bump outside- Millions of gold stars for this.

Dragon made short work of ol' Tex but not before giving us an armdrag display and letting Tex show off his Southern offense, most of which was illtimed. Dragon seemed to be happy in the ring even though Hogan was backstage politicking him into midcard. Tag match was real short, with the Sullivans coming out instigating Orndorff like they were Spike Lee whenever the Lakers come to town. Orndorff though gave Bagwell this sick running forearm like he was a bully in the high school hallways.

Sting and Flair were matched together by fans calling in, they had to choose 1 guy from a heel and face locker room (I would have love to seen Vader maul "Jungle" Jim Steele myself). This felt like they had nothing planned, just going off instinct from 1,000's of matches against each other. Flair was insane here though, taking numerous falls outside, fighting with as many redneck fans as he could and Flair flopping Hulkster right out of his seat. Sherri ruined a perfectly good clean finish by coming out dressed like a man while Hulk got slightly aroused. God must have loved 1994, he got Kurt Cobain's permanent company (probably not) and we got 2 weekly episodic WCW wrestling programs!

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Brian said...

that Bad Attitude v. Anderson/Rhodes match is really great stuff.. - loved Eaton's top rope elbows, too.. - love to see more BA stuff surface..