Monday, January 24, 2011

CZW Deja Vu 5 - October 6, 2010

This venue looks like a Family Fun Center that's been curtained off to look smaller. There's probably about 35-40 people there and they look bored. Oh my, this HAS to be a good sign. There's so few people a microphone is not required. ... ... ...

Alex Colon vs. Scott Reed vs. Ryan Slater - 3

Scott Reed looks like Petey Williams after a run in with anadrol. His in-ring was solid, but his bulkiness added and odd element to a match involving two smaller guys. Slater's jawing with the crowd was quite humorous, garnering disrespect from the Massachusetts fans, including one female fan shouting, "you a fuckin gay." Colon brought this PR stiffness with his striking game that was acceptable. He was the one who looked the best in this match, while Ryan Slater only seemed to want to get heat from the Red Sox fans.

Johnny Calzone vs. Drew Gulak - 2

Take one part pizza chef gimmick and one part arrogant prick heel and you have a concoction that's bound to be explosively greatly interesting. Nothing really happened in this match. Aside from Calzone getting heat for Gulak, making sure the fans knowing he was a 'dickhead.' This match doesn't belong in CZW.

Sabian vs. Thomas Clappo - 4

Sabian hates humanity and I love him for it. He doesn't take shit from anybody and gets in any arrogant fans' face. Hell yeah. Cloppo really looked like he could hold his own in the ring. His ground work and power maneuvers were good, and working with a shorter guy like Sabian would've proved to have been more difficult when you're as tall as Cloppo, I would think. Sabian jawed with the crowd, making fun of the bean-lovers, especially the rotund ones. Cloppo made sure to connect with the audience as well, making eye contact with the fans and getting pumped up. Impressive showing.

Devon Moore vs. Niles Young - 3

Young brought a chubby midget with him to the ring that looked like she was Snookie's sister. I question the integrity of Young. Moore looks like he's dropped some weight and is now wearing tights and no shirt -- a step up from ripped jeans shorts and marijuana-endorsing t-shirts. Young lays in chops like a timid father spanking his child for the first time. Step up your game, dude. Young looked about as solid as nerve gas -- he offered the same side-effects as well. Moore's shooting star press to end the match looked nice.

Joe Gacy vs. Sami Callihan - 5

This was a feud in the making as two members of the SwichBlade Conspiracy were stiffing the fuck out of each other. This was arguably Gacy's best singles match. His intensity and hate were up there with Sami, which is hard to do. They brawled on the floor, where Sami wasn't afraid to bump on the astro turf. Sami also busted out a DDT on an upright plastic trash can. Yep. Gacy rubbed me the wrong way by not selling some of Sami's offense on the floor, like a chair shot to the back. Sami's bumping was hella fun to watch. He would get thrown into trash cans and bump like he was just shot out of a cannon.

The Osirian Portal vs. The Irish Drive-By - 4

Both teams are well ventured in the quick paced, lucharific style of wrestling. Swann vs. Orphidian is one match that I've wanted to see for a long time, and it was fun getting to see the two mix it up. Amasis and Swann showed their moves in the ring, being all funky and junk.
Crowd was really quiet throughout the match with only a few intermittent claps breaking up the deafening silence. I found myself wishing they'd lay in their strikes more. Swanns chops in the cvorner were weaker than a gerbil on a feeding tube. To their credit, both teams provided a fun atmosphere with their tomfoolery.

tHURTeen vs. Danny Havoc - Lighttube Bundles - 5

I will give it to both guys, there was some really great stuff in this match. While there wasn't a lot to work with inside this rec center, they made something out of nothing. Havoc looks more and more polished in the ring every time he steps foot in it. He connects with his strikes and is making more strides at aerial maneuvers. 'Teen looked solid is well, sporting a nasty gash under his arm that rivaled that of Nick Gage at last year's TOD. The guys battled on top of a pick up truck - yes, a pickup truck, which Havoc ultimately took a Schwein into the bed filled with tubes. That was nice.

Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage - NRBW - 4

Gage being in his familiar old home environment was pretty evident here, as he was taking suplexes into the wire repeatedly. I was quite happy with his selling of each subsequent suplex, as well. Moxely, however, has no business doing these types of matches. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the best, but his career needs to move in another direction -- he doesn't need to be sacrificing himself so much with all of the companies he works for. It is, however, a testament to his fortitude in his willingness to work deathmatches. Moxley looks great with a crimson mask, so demented. Gage took a hook and ladder onto the barbwire which I commend him for seeing as it's very dangerous.

Match Average: 3.75

Recommendation Level: Not Recommended


Anonymous said...

Sabian's opponent's name is Tommaso Ciampa. You weren't even close.

Geo said...

thanks for pointing that out.