Saturday, January 22, 2011

ROH on HDNet- 05/24/2010

1) Joey Ryan v. Eddie Kingston- 2
2) Necro Butcher/ Eddie Kingston v. Shawn Daivari/ Joey Ryan (Butcher's Rules)- 2
3) Eddie Edwards v. Colt Cabana (TV Title) - 4

1st 2 bouts were lousy; I liked Eddie doing some frustrating selling as if he had no way to come back and hated himself for it, but it was all from Joey Ryan's punches? I'd think an ant bite would hurt worse and they were totally from the Lance Storm school, which I've never been a fan of. Kingston threw a few suplexes but I'd rather see Tazz throw them and I'd rather not see Tazz do much of anything. The "impromptou" hardcore match after was tame by the standards set by Steve Blackman in the late 90's which is saying something. Daivari was wearing some kind of a body suit like in Tron, but it was only the lower half, like he left the top half drying on a clothesline or something.

Main got a little better, Edwards was wrestling with confidence, like a salesman that just sold his first car. Cabana does somethings well and some not; loved the zeal he threw his body into different spots, such as a mised butt butt in the corner. But I think this match marks the first time i've ever seen a top rope superplex used as a desperation move? Colt even kind of "hulked up" after doing it, negating the last 6 minutes Edwards worked hard during. An interesting finishing sequence came about too, incl. tubby Steve Corino, a knee breaker on a title belt and yet another Storm trope, the half crab (which also has never looked good.)

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