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CHIKARA Die Deutsch (The Germans) 11/21/10

CHIKARA - "The Germans" - November 21, 2010
Philadelphia, PA

The BDK continues their tear in CHIKARA. One month removed from the cibernetico in which Ultramantis Black attempted to destroy the BDK, the strength of the faction may be weakening, or is this just the beginning?

1.) Pinkie Sanchez vs. Soldier Ant - 5

Pinkie displays his prowess as a madman in the ring, vowing to tear the colony antenna from antenna by laying in shots on Soldier Ant. Pinkie moves about the ring like a straight jacket-bound lunatic looking for a thrill. Soldier Ant makes use of his in-ring abilities and stamina to create an environment that he controls. Pinkie hits a sick Burning Hammer variation, which he names Burning Snicklefritz. Ant, not to be outdone, uses his mat skill to overcome the deranged lunatic, making him tap to the CHIKARA Special submission. Pinkie's selling was on top display here, and as per usual, he gave 110% in the ring.

2.) Arik Cannon vs. Lince Dorado - 4

Lince seemed to be moving at half speed throughout the duration of the match. Everything looked carefully planned and recklessness didn't seem to be the main goal of either man. Cannon hit Dorado like the fist of an angry god with chops and a great lariat. Before, I've made quite apparent that I wasn't a fan of Cannon due to his lazy appearance; however, he holds his own quite well in the ring and rarely messes up. Speaking of which, Lince got really familiar with the mat after screwing up a quebrada.

3.) The Olsen Twins (Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen) vs. The UnStable (Vin Gerard & Stigma) - 3

I'd be lying to you if I said a lot happened here. Nothing noteworthy or ground-shaking took place in the match, but it served its purpose as a midcard match. Vin looks in better shape than he has in years, while Stigma still looks like he's been hitting up the cheese steaks. Delany has burst into his old character as the fun-loving, all around good guy with a mission to take out the UnStable. Olsen hits a great spike-rana on Vin before hitting a sick punch to the jaw of Stigma which was sold well. The ass-crack exposure by Vin was a nice touch in terms of a humiliation factor by the former UnStable member Delaney.

4.) Hallowicked vs. Tim Donst - 4

Donst continues his portrayal in the ring as a devious competitor who will do anything to break down CHIKARA's elite members, going to such lengths as spinning around Hallowicked's mask and using wrist tape to choke him. Hallowicked's offense never really took off, although he did hit his signature maneuver Go to Sleepy Hollow after hitting Donst with a running knee in the corner. This match served its purpose in that it showed the lengths Donst will go to to shake the core of CHIKARA from the ground up.

5.) Ultramantis Black vs. Ares - Falls Count Anywhere - 5

Ultramantis' best singles match this year occurred during this match. The two men battled around the arena and even outside, seeing both men taking bumps into walls, garage doors, and even a bicycle. Mantis' intensity was on a whole other level tonight, as he again attempts to take the legs out from under the BDK, no thanks to biased referee Derek Sabado. Mantis delivered a suplex onto the ring steps, much to the chagrin of Ares. Both men battled up into the Commentation Station which is precariously located atop the balcony of the arena, teasing a balcony fall. As the two men battled through the crowd, Mantis would be sure to go to impeccable lengths to destroy his opponent, delivery a back body drop off of the bleachers and onto some boxes that hold the chairs. Ares selling was some of the best I've seen out of him -- complete with back-clutching and grimaces after eating devastating maneuvers.

6.)Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze vs. Icarus & Chuck Taylor vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. The Osirian Portal - 6

There's a lot to say about this match. It started off slow and kept building and building from there. As time went on, the pace of the match would quicken until it got to an all out spring. Quack gave a shout-out to the recently departed Gran Naniwa, too, during the match which was cool. Crowd was pretty upset when the Portal got eliminated -- I guess they really wanted to see the Portal get the three points. Del Rey looked as good as ever and was stiff with her powerful shots. It was rather emotional when Quack got the pin, thus eliminating the female BDK counter parts and winning the match, earning a title shot against Claudio & Ares, furthering the question on everyone's minds: will this be the end of BDK? A great sprint match that wasn't rushed turned out to be a great match.

7.) Frightmare vs. Johnny Gargano - 5

Gargano still doesn't seem to be over with the Philly crowd, only being known to them simply as "The Guy from Cleveland." Gargano looked great in the match, selling big for Frightmare, making it look like he was eating offense from Vader. Frightmare couldn't seem to get the better of Gargano, as all of his arsenal wasn't enough to put away Gargano. A sweet Kneecalepsy from Frightmare on the ring apron was a great sight -- I'm glad to see him varying up his offense. Frightmare hits a sweet Kneecalepsy off the top rope which looked superb and Gargano sold liked death. A solid match.

8.) Eddie Kingston vs. Homicide - 5

This. This is what I've been waiting to see for a while. A dream match, in my opinion. Kingston brought to the table an element of respect for his fellow New Yorker, but still stiffed him a couple of times. Homicide looks to be a little more put together in this match than some of the other matches he's had on the indys since his departure from Orlando. Kingston hit a couple of backfists, one that connected with Homicide's eye. The back and forth during this match was laid out well, with both guys getting equal time on offense. Kingston hit a nice looking back drop driver on Homicide, landing right on his head. I would've liked to have seen Homicide step it up in terms of stiffness -- I guess he's still got that Orlando complex.

Match Average: 4.6

Recommendation Level: Recommended

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