Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TNA Xplosion 10/15/10

1. Sarita vs. Angelina Love - 4

Sarita looked great here making even simple things like a Love shoulderblock look devastating. Love, for her end of things, was no Meryl Streep but displayed anguish properly throughout. Sarita built upon her role as being the sneakier of the two, sliding underneath the ring only to come from behind a distracted Love and nail her. Sarita dodged a Love ax kick like Mitsuya Nagai then caught her in a roll-up for the victory. After seeing some of Sarita's work in Mexico and Shimmer I can't see how you could argue she's not one of the five best women currently wrestling in the world.

2. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs. Suicide and Rob Terry - 2

Eric dives face-first into Suicide's crotch like Allen Ginsberg on Neal Cassady. Young is TNA's answer to WWE's Santino except Eric is actually competent in the ring (and bumps well) and is occasionally funny. Jordan got canned by WWE due to their political correctness but imagine what they would have done with him as a character in '98 when they were really pushing the envelope. It was pretty obvious it was Kiyoshi in the Suicide get-up here. This felt largely directionless and hollow.

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