Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taue & Sano vs. Ikeda & Yone - NOAH 7/10/04 - 5

Yone came at Sano with a fearless ferociousness that made me think he must have been the F-14 Tomcat jet pilot I bravely controlled in '87 video game classic After Burner. There's a great moment where Taue tags in and enters like he's the man but is blindsided as Ikeda runs in and springboards off of Yone's back kicking the giant in the face. Taue's powerbomb on Yone made any Kevin Nash have done look positively playground at best -- no, scratch that, they made Nash's look like fucking inside recess (Remember that shit? When it'd rain?). Sano eats slaps like I do sashimi. Yone sells a brainbuster like he just awoke from a drunken stupor to find his friends tattooed a surfboarding dog smoking a joint on his shoulder. Sano makes him pay for this transgression by then hoisting him to the top turnbuckle and doing a brainbuster from up high to truly destroy Yone's chances of ever beating complicated Sudoku puzzles in a skull-crushing finale.

Enough prattling on about the moves, what's the story here? Yone is championed as the plucky younger upstart, battling two icons, Taue of All Japan legacy, and Sano, shoot-fighter extraordinaire. Ikeda is the spunky fighter that's not afraid to scrap but could be in over his head. It's a showdown in a green battleground, and to raise the stakes, iconic champions like Misawa and Harley Race are seen watching from the sidelines. You never get much sense of the the underdogs winning, save for an energetic flurry by tough bastard Ikeda, but the crowd's hot throughout and this is an 11-minutes you'll not wish you spent on YouTube looking at girls in their underwear playing Wii Fit or re-organzing your Netflix queue for the thirtieth time this week.

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Jessie said...

yep.....inside recess blew....nailed it....i've only re-arranged my que about 15 times this week so luckily i'm still under the mark.....fuck kevin nash