Friday, July 2, 2010

Allied Powers: The World's Greatest Tag Teams- Disc 1

So, it's been said many times by me on the blog how big a fan I am of tag team wrestling (actually saw earlier today a near 40 minute 2/3 falls match from Chikara's Behind the 8 Ball that I was really digging) so when WWE dropped this Best Tag Teams ever set in our laps, I had to buy it, when I heard it was being released I literally said, "WHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (sorry some Aziz Ansari humor) so let's begin:

1) The British Bulldogs v. The Hart Foundation (MSG, 09/23/85)- 6
You could literally pull out a diagram from the beginning of tag team wrestling and show how this match was mapped out, perfect tug and pull on both sides as far as pace. The real show stealer in this one was Dynamite Kid, who was like a shock asorbing superman and selling every single thing as realistically as you could imagine. Nasty ugly faces and squirming, writhing body movements throughout his whole section. One or two miscues lead both teams to wing it, which they did quite well; even enjoyed Anvil's defensive run here, just a well worked tag team match, perfect start to this collection.

2) The Steiner Brothers v. Hiroshi Hase/ Kensuke Sasaki (WCW/NJ Supershow, 03/21/91)- 6
well the US is out of the World Cup (thanks Ghana) but this match certainly reminded me of that atmospehre, as if both these teams were the best from their country pitted in battle. Steiners were monsters, matwork spliced in here and there but they were actually using shit like T-bones as transitions. Hase looked so sharp and cool, suplexes were on target and Sasaki was like King Kong out there, just wrecking Rick with his awesome moves. Give the Steiners credit too, for they took every move just like they are watching Sunny in Philly: hard and strangely with popcorn butter on their fingers. Steiners pulled ahead near the end too much for my taste with such a close bout.

3) Killer Bees v. Demolition 2/3 Falls Match(Houston TX, 10/09/87)- 5
The wrestling here was really perfectly fine, Blair I enjoyed particularly, mainly for his selling in the 3rd fall,for his take on face in peril, which wasn't overly dramatic, more dead body like and made sense, especially when his comeback spot was out of nowhere. I liked the Bees in control a lot more as well, they just seemed to have everything more in sync and together, but only thing that bothered me, they spent the first 2 falls on really extended leg work that went absolutely nowhere. The first two fall also had mind boggling finishes given the story they were telling.

4) Edge & Christian v. The Hardys (King of the Ring, 06/27/99) - 5
I liked this early match from these guys, the Hardys really didn't bring it as far as stiffness on offense, still in Indy mode from the early 90's but they bumped as if they the more bones they broke, the more winning lotto numbers would be revealed in that week's Powerball. Nowhere near the charisma their latter matches would have, but still some great spots, especially Edge's surprise spear.

5) The Fabulous Freebirds v. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich Country Whipping Match (Oct 1983)- 7
This was one of the damndest strap matches I've seen, just an insane atmosphere throughout this whole thing, I mean when you talk wrestling heat, this is the match to watch. Everyone had a leather strap in their hands the whole match and weren't relenting on it, every shot, ever slap had to sting like a SOB. This ended up being the next stage in an ongoing angle where the Von Erichs were trying to run the Freebirds out of town but it was a dogfight like i've never seen, just insanely violent and brutal. Loved every second of it, I couldn't imagine all the pain pills passed around in the back after this one.

6) Dory & Terry Funk v. Jack & Gerry Brisco (Florida)- 3
A highlight reel of some old stock single camera footage of what seemed like a true classic from Florida. Jack's timing and poise in the ring is quite awesome, the way he does the face domination section is one of the better I've seen. Dory's uppercuts were rocking as usual unfortunately we only got to see a snippet of both team's awesome capabilities.

7) Harlem Heat v. The Steiner Brothers (WCW Hogwild, 08/10/96)- 5
Steiners were as explosive as C-4, as usual. Hey, two giant African Americans rasied on the street were booed in excess in the middle of a giant field full of motorcycle freaks, all wearing Rebel flags and complete with 312 lb. leather wearing behemoths? Rick was on fire with his high impact stuff, but his ground work is snooze worthy. Loved Stevie Ray talking crap to Scott during sequence. Some good selling off and on by the Heat too, wrapped up kind of averagely is reason score isn't higher.

8) The Midnight Express v. The Fantastics (GAB, 07/10/88)- 8
This is one of my favorite tag feuds of all time, love the way these two teams match up. Quite sure I reviewed this whole show a couple years back and it was freakin great. Counter after counter is the style they work, all four guys super athletic and all the basics look great too, punches, tag work, selling, it's all there. Eaton seething after not being able to figure out Tommy Rogers, Rogers dumb look on his face while getting bulldogged, even the crazy baseball slide that stops a ME double team, it's just all money and these are 20 + minutes wars every time out. Rogers is a stud in this, Eaton drops a legdrop that makes me instaneously speak in tongues and pull my ear like Vince McMahon. If you love tag wrestling, hell if you like any wrestling, do yourself a favor and watch this, pants optional.

9) Public Enemy v. The Nasty Boys Anything Goes (02/11/96) - 4
This was kind of a fun romp, no regard for anyone else's future doctor visits, it became almost like 2 singles matches brawling throughout the arena. Kind of cool piledriver on a garbage can, Rocco Rock kills himself for the first time in his life with a dive off the T-shirt stand, your usual brutal concussion fest.

10) The Rockers v. The Brain Busters (MSG, 03/18/89)- 7
You can almost see Michaels and Jannetty absorbing knowledge while this match goes on. The Busters are so giving as heels, one thing that makes them both so great, because as soon as they take over on offense, you can see the technical expertise they have. I love watching these old WWE House show videos, Lord Alfred observes Arn wastes no movement and I have to agree. Double Frankensteiner was cool visual, at this point as refreshing and innovative as a Daniel Johnston drawing of Captain America. Turning point here was a sick stun gun that Shawn sold better than Mel as William Wallace. Tully Blanchard has the sliminess appeal of Snooki and for some reason it makes both people sexy. You ever find that lint in Tully's pocket Boss? haha, i'm having fun watching this superbly well done tag bout and writing about it, excellent first disc, roughouse brawl near the end where both teams play their roles dead eye. Arn's so fucking smooth, great MSG crowd too adds to the greatness of this bout.


Geo said...

Great rev. It'd be so awesome to see that Brisco/Funk match in it's entirety.

Jessie said...

i know i was pretty disappointed in that