Friday, July 16, 2010

Geo's Random Wrestling Review #3

Hayato Jr. Fujita vs. Koichiro Kimura - FUTEN - 4/26/09 - 4

Match had a really greater veteran vs newcomer feel. Kimura stretches the hell out of Fujita, which he sells with some great grimacing. I particularly enjoyed the half-liontamer that Fujita was in. Looked sick. He keeps taking the beating from the old man but soon gets the one up on him with some STIFF (~!) kicks to the side and legs. Fujita finishes Kimura off with a nice submission. Match only lasted 8 minutes but it was a pretty fun 8 minutes.

Chris Jericho vs. Yoshie Tatsu - WWE Superstars - 7-15-10 - 5

Fun, fun match. Great to see one of my faves, Jericho, on Superstars. Match had a really great feel to it -- Can Tatsu beat the wise and arrogant ring veteran, Jericho, or will Jericho make Tatsu show him so respect (something to the effect of what Cole stated). Tatsu has such great pacing in the ring. He knows how to bring the crowd up and down with his Japanese strong style (again, something Cole seems to say in every Tatsu match) and knows when to bring them down by getting his ass kicked. Jericho carried this match and it ended up being one of my favorite Superstars matches of 2010. Tatsu got some blood on his eye, and like a shark smelling blood, Jericho took advantage and gave the kid from the rising sun a hell of a rub.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money - TNA Impact - 7-15-10 - 6

These four had a MOTYC at Victory Road last Sunday, so let's see how the do for free. Really happy with what I saw throughout the match. I'm not a big Robert Roode fan, but his selling in this match was really, really good. Especially when MCMG hit the double kick to the chest, Roode was flipping around like a fish. Match felt rushes (surprised?) but for what it was it was really fun. MCMG are made for this type of match. Awesome point in the match where Sabin gets crotched in the ladder for an awesome sell. Awesome double stomp by Shelly onto the ladder which laid upon BM. Fun match with unique spots -- especially for an impact taping.

Drake Younger vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jonathan Gresham - IWA-MS KOTDM - 4

Fun match right here. Went into this tournament not even looking at the card to keep some element of surprise. Much to my surprise we get two established awesome indy workers in Drake and Jimmy and an up-and-comer Gresham in non-tournament action. This match was a really good watch. Jimmy and Drake have solidified themselves as mainstays on the indy scene over the past few years, but tonight would be Jonathan Gresham's night. This kid is the next big thing on the indy scene. Smooth, well-paced, not rushed, and technically sound all in one. He hit some great aerial maneuvers, but wasn't spotty. Drake and Jimmy both brought an element of intensity to the match and, as always, Jimmy's selling was nice. Again, just a really fun little match to start off a night of carnage.

Mistico vs. Liger (dos de tres caidas~!) - CMLL - 1/10/10 - 5

Oh yes. Fan-fucking-tastic. Liger is one of my all-time favorite puro stars and Mistico is pretty high on my lucha list. Really fun environment with Liger as the rudo extraordinaire and Mistico as the technico~ Mistico moves through the air so effortlessly -- it's amazing to watch. First two falls came very quickly after some fun sprints, but the real greatness began in la tercera caĆ­da when Liger started working over Mistico's leg. The legwork didn't really go anywhere, unfortunately. Other than that, the match was fun, there was a hot crowd, and Liger got over as a dick~!


Brian said...

yea.. i really dug that Jericho match, too.. - loved him sitting in the chair giving himself a manicure while they treated Tatsu's gaping head.. - that MCMG vs. Beer Money ladder match from iMPACT! was also deliriously tits..

Geo said...

Jericho is awesome. Next rev. will be ROH Live in Tokyo or Final Battle 03.

Jessie said...

and i like the angle they're doing with Jericho, gives him lots of matches with young lions, Yoshi eats boots well! if Live in Tokyo, check out my review of that show when you're finished. and is Final Battle 03 v. All Japan? Because I believe both Brian and me did that one, but feel free to tackle either, love to hear a diff. viewpoint