Friday, July 2, 2010

CHIKARA's Anniversario Zehn 5/22/10

Green Ant vs. Amasis - 2

Kind of a go-nowhere opener. This may seem like a ridiculous statement when talking about pro-wrestling, but this match seemed so choreographed. Ant would throw really weak punches -- It would've been interesting to see how fast his hands were moving. I know he can do better than this. Amasis almost seemed tired in this match, although he did bust out some wicked dance moves. I like both of these guys, but this match didn't mesh.

The Throwbacks vs. Tursas & Daizee Haze - 3

Sugar Dunkerton has a chubby for Haze, apparently, which played into the finish of this match. Kind of a weird chemistry with a comedy team facing a serious, take no prisoners BDK team. Daizee showed her bumping ability in this match -- I pretty sure she literally has no spine to be able to get folded like she does -- She showed her intensity in this match as always. Match was still just there.

Orphidian vs. Stigma - 4

Orphidian carried this match, in my opinion. I feel that when he goes slow and takes his time (homage to Harley Race's famous quote?) he has a better match. Stigma was a good big man for him to hit his offense on. Orphidian hit his usual spots, and Stigma looked better than usual throwing some nice German Suplexes. Decent little match.

Lince Dorado & Tim Donst vs. Equinox & Helios - 6

Good shit. This match-up was great because the pairings were even - Helios and Lince as the flyers and Donst and Equinox as the power. Great spots in this match. I was happy with Donst's selling in the match, especially after Equinox hit the short-rana, which Donst sold like he was knocked out cold. Great energy in this one.

Pinky Sanchez vs. Fire Ant - 5

Pinky is in my top 5 favorite guys in the company and Fire Ant is my favorite in The Colony. Excellent. Pretty good match was had here. Pinky's selling is undeniably awesome when he's in peril and faced with some rather stiff strikes by Fire Ant. Good nearfalls in this match, too -- I thought for sure I'd see a burning hammer.

Ares vs. UltraMantis Black - 2

This was an angle-heavy match. The recently departed Delirious made his comeback only to be sided with Ares and the BDK. A distracted UltraMantis faced Ares in this match that wasn't so much about wrestling as it was about angle development. As a fan of Mantis it pains me to say this was a throw-away.

Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney, Chuck Taylor, and Gran Akuma vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, and Frightmare - 5

Match was fun, but a little sloppy. Hallowicked was impressive in this matchup. He got his leg worked over pretty good by FIST and remembered to sell the leg (vocally, too) for quite some time. Everyone hit some pretty cool spots, but I think that the rules flew out the window because it got more chaotic than usual. In the end, the match was still fun, which is the most important thing of all.

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