Friday, July 9, 2010

PWG As The Worm Turns 2/27/10

Johnny Goodtime & LTP vs. Malachi Jackson & Ryan Taylor - 5

Hell of a fun opener. Smooth as silk, too. All four of these guys are quickly becoming some of my favorites on the West Coast indy scene. Great feel to the match -- four young guys looking to make an impact in the company. Taylor looked especially good here -- his kicks aren't too over the top in frequency and he makes good contact every time he throws one. LTP is super fun to watch -- great aerialist. Goodtime is getting over more and more every time he steps in the ring -- he connects with almost all his moves and is snug. Malachi Jackson > Young Bucks. There, I said it. He's better at bumping and isn't as flashy as Matt and Nick (Jeremy and Max). This was a hell of a fun match.

Scott Lost vs. Brandon Gatson - 5

Ok. Gatson is great. This kid comes out of nowhere and is taking this company by storm. He's so smooth and slick and athletic -- a great addition to the company. Lost is still one of my favorite bumpers in PWG (just watch him sell a DDT). Gatson has a kind of "good guy" persona that makes him easy for the fans to get behind -- and the fact that he is a good worker only helps. Selling by both guys was great, too.

Roderick Strong vs. Chris Sabin 6

Fuck yes I love these two guys. I'm really happy that TNA is cool with MCMG working PWG. Sabin sells Strong's chops awesomely by grasping his chest. His facials are awesome too while doing this. When it connects, Roderick's "sick kick" is great. With Sabin on the receiving end, it looked even better. Roderick's offense was great, but I really think that Sabin shined here -- I forgot how awesome of a singles wrestler is.

The Cutlers & Christina Von Eerie vs. Brandon Bonham & Joey Ryan & Candice LaRae - 3

In a match filled with antics, Bonham and the Cutlers were the real standouts. Bonham brought some great intensity to this match and the Cutlers brought some great selling and bumping. I want to see more of these three guys. Nothing really spectacular other than the previously mentioned.

Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelly - 6

Okay this is fucking beautiful. Two of the best indy workers squaring off in a PWG ring. Fantastic. This match started with technical wizardry and wonder. Great catch wrestling here. My boy, Hero, threw some great mafia kicks in the match that were just perfectly placed and awesome. Shelly is just such a pure wrestler who rarely fucks up anything. Just a beautiful, fun match up between two spectacular indy workers.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. 2 Skinny Black Guys of Low Moral Fiber (El Generico & Chuck Taylor) - 5

Bucks work the TNA heel gimmick once again to the dismay and hate of the fans. Where's Malachi? Bring that guy back out. Taylor and Generico (two more faves -- this show is just stacked~!) worked really well together. The Bucks hit their usual stuff, but it was refreshing to see some new offense (or at least no-so-much-used offense) -- especially the neckbreaker on the knee combination. Crowd got really into because there seemed to be a legit hope that Generico & Taylor may win the titles. Fun match.

Kenny Omega vs. Davy Richards - 8

Most of the Kenny Omega footage I've seen has been his stuff from DDT, which I dig. I went into this match really expecting a great match. Surprising stiffness from Omega -- hanging in there with Davy. Some good selling on Omega's part, as well -- especially his rubber leg sell after Davy's dive. Davy was great as well, taking high-angle back bumps. Late in the match, Omega's arm got worked over a lot followed by a picture perfect shooting star. Add a great finish and you've got on hell of a great match.

What a spectacular event~!~! PWG has been on fire in 2010. Great event. Highly recommended!!


Brian said...

of the opener dudes Goodtime does the most for me.. his execution and bumping are real good and i dig his old MegaMan trunks.. - i've heard great stuff of '10 Gatson and I need to see what the hype is about..

dug the review, man.. glad to see you're hitting your stride.. - would love to see you tackle one of those two new ROH shows you borrowed from me

Geo said...

Thanks man -- I see those being reviewed in the near future.