Sunday, June 14, 2009

ECW Wrestlepalooza 1995

1) Hack Meyers vs. J.T. Smith – 3
2) Big Val Puccio vs. Broad Street Bully – 0
3) The Pitbulls, Tommy Dreamer, & Cactus Jack vs. Raven, Stevie Richards, Big Dick Dudley, & Dudley Dudley (clipped) – 2
4) The Steiner Brothers & Eddie Guerrero vs. Cactus Jack, Too Cold Scorpio, & Dean Malenko – 6
5) Mikey Whipwreck vs. The Sandman (Singapore Caning Match) (clipped) – 2
6) The Gangstas vs. Public Enemy (Stretcher Match) (clipped) - NR

Recently online I found seven previously unreleased ECW shows from 1995, this is one of them. A lot of the matches are clipped, due to TV time constraints, and are rated based on what was shown. Meyers and Smith kicked things off in bland ECW 1995 style. Meyers is supposedly the “shah of ECW”. Umm, okay … not exactly sure what that means but it worked. Smith was coming back off a knee injury and looked decent. I recall a nice spinning wheel kick and a super mega fuck-up of a suicide dive that Meyers sold even though Smith totally missed him and ate concrete. The end featured intereference from a walking walrus known as Big Val Puccio and Smith picked up the win. Speaking of Puccio, his match was advertised on the DVD as against Tony Stetson. Instead, we get a 60-second schmozz with Hack Meyers interefering and the Bully running scared. Puccio laid on the mat like a beached whale. Quick! … somebody splash him with water!

The eight-man tag was clipped up but what was shown was decent. The ending was pretty much given away when Raven did a pre-match promo with Cactus telling him “I feel your pain”. Cactus turned on his team and joined up with Raven’s squad. There was some bad brawling and weapon shots but nothing decent from the clips. The six-man tag was a blast to watch. Scott Steiner just seemed to big and bulky to be in there with Scorpio and Malenko. Eddie looked great as usual and Cactus took a sick belly-to-belly on the outside of the ring. There were two major botches that prevented it from getting a better score. First, Malenko and Rick Steiner just totally fail trying to do a basic headscissor takedown. The major one though was Eddie totally botching a hurracanrana off of the Steiner’s shoulders. It was a dangerous spot to begin with because Eddie first had to climb the turnbuckles and then walk the rope and execute the move. Very risky and it didn’t pay off.

Final two bouts were clipped. Sandman and Mikey looked somewhat decent from what was shown in a match where the loser got ten lashes with a cane. Sandman lost but didn’t want to man up and take his lashes. After the referee threatened to take the title away from Sandman, he took a few lashes under duress. Afterwards, he caned the shit out of Mikey until the referee made him stop and Public Enemy came out. Wasn’t too much in the clips I could mention because there wasn’t much to mention. Finally, the Public Enemy/Gangstas match was too clipped to even score. They showed clips of table bumps and not much else. Sandman came out and the end and hit Rocco Rock with a cane and cost P.E. the match. Not too much here to recommend, but I would seek out the six-man tag.

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