Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi 2/19/08

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Jason Riggs - 1
2. The Miz vs. Colin Delaney - 2
3. Stevie Richards vs. James Curtis - 2
4. Ric Flair and CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin -3

Opening promo was humorous. Flair putting over the importance of the HoF. Burke and Benjamin interfered. Shelton popped Ric in the mouth mid-"Wooo!" Kofi looked crisp but Riggs' selling was awful, he looked unnatural, didn't have good instincts, etc. Usually when they get enhancement talent they'll shine at making the stars look good. Miz plays a great asshole, yelling pointers at Colin as he abuses him. Delaney was a good underdog kid role, probably better served now as a regular in Chikara. Stevie was experimenting with using kicks during this period, laying it a lot of them. Curtis ate the shots, although tried to duck one clothesline and Richards re-adjusted and swung low anyway in an awkward moment. The main event was decent. My favorite moment was Burke, who earlier in the show mentioned being a Flair fan as a kid, did the patented Ric eye poke, then climbed up top, only to be tossed off ala Flair by Flair. Ric looked gross, though; I thought his knees were going to turn to dust when he did a double-axe handle from the top. Burke was good on the apron, selling pain during the figure four, etc. I think TNA should hire him, have Creed turn on Lethal, and they could form either Doom 2K9 and bring in Ron Simmons to manage, or, possibly Harlem Heat 2K9 with Booker's blessings. Shelton tried to powerbomb Punk into the turnbuckle and CM bounced off and flipped up and out of the ring wildly. I'm sure he got vengeance backstage on XBOX.

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