Saturday, September 27, 2008

WWF Superstars - 1/20/96

1) Sycho Sid & The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Aldo Montoya & Avatar – 4
2) The Ringmaster vs. Scott Taylor – 3
3) Hakushi vs. Matt Hardy – 2
4) The Body Donnas vs. Chaz Warrington & Glen Ruth – 2
5) Yokozuna vs. Phil Apollo – 3
6) Issac Yankem vs. Diesel – 4

First off, I have to say a word about the theme song for the show. It’s easily the cheeziest song I’ve ever heard for a wrestling show and it mentions Bret Hart, Razor Ramon, Ahmed Johnson, and Bob Backlund all within 15 seconds. Aldo and Avatar started off hot against Sid and the Kid. Sid got thrown to the outside and took out a spotlight in an unintentionally funny spot. Avatar whipped out a funky back slingshot that seemed to geniunely amaze McMahon. Sid cleaned house when he was a tagged in and destroyed poor Aldo and Avatar in about a minute.

It’s really odd to see Steve Austin in the WWF as anything other than Stone Cold but we get a rare look at him on this as the Ringmaster. Taylor was in his pre-dancing days and pretty much got schooled here. Austin won with the Million Dollar Dream and added some stomps in after the fact for emphasis. Hakushi dominated a really young and really out of shape Hardy. Perfect mused after the match that Hakushi needs to “stop sleeping on the park bench because the newspaper print is coming off”.

Warrington and Ruth, the future Headbangers, were disposed of rather quickly by the Body Donnas. The match was there simply to build the Donnas as tag title contenders. Yokozuna squashed Apollo in more ways than one. I gave it a bonus point for the unmerciful Bonzai Drop. Yankem and Diesel was a competitive bout but no one really believed that Yankem would beat Diesel, one of the top stars at the time. The pace was pretty fast and Lawler’s interference was almost nil. Diesel won with a powerbomb to cap off a fun episode of Superstars.

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Brian said...

i like seeing obscure shows receive the light of day, in the way of reviews on the blog, but i think they deserve a little more rich analsyis.. - be it more details on the in-ring stuff, or, more personal thoughts and reactions to what you've seen.. - just some constructive thoughts..